Yoga is about old age

In life it is never too late to do yoga. Otherwise I would have had to cease their activities long ago. But why I keep doing it? Many Indian yoga, at some stage of life state that has reached the state of Samadhi, so that they no longer need to practice. But I never said that. Why? It is a pleasure to learn, and yoga classes bring a lot of pleasure. But I do it not for pleasure! Earlier this pleasure was my goal, but now it’s just a side effect. You can’t lose the sharpness of intellect, that’s why the practice should continue.

If you have a knife that you do not enjoy what was happening to him? It rusts, right? If you want to use it, you need it to grind well. If to sharpen it regularly, it will always be sharp. Similarly, once experienced Samadhi, how can you be sure that you always remain alert and knowledgeable? How can you claim that store this state without practice? You can forget and return to the pleasures of your life, to what you were before. Can a dancer or performer to give a good concert if it is not rehearsed for a year? The same can be said about yoga. Even reaching the highest level, at a time when man thinks he has reached his goal and he’s out of practice, it becomes unstable. To maintain stability, we must continue the practice. Sensitivity should be stable. She maintained a regular practice.

You might be fifty or sixty years, and you ask yourself, is it too late for you to start doing yoga. Part of your mind says, “I want to continue” and the other part of the mind varies. What is this part of the mind, which ranges? Perhaps this fear. What causes this fear? Mind three plays tricks on us. Part of him wants to continue, another falters, and a third leads to fear. The same mind is the cause of all three States. The barrel is the same, but the tree has many branches. The mind is the same, but the content of the mind is contradictory. And our bright-reactive memory also plays tricks, not allowing our mind to focus.

Why did the old man care about sex? Why when this guy in the head not think about his age? When he sees a young girl, his mind in confusion, although he may not have the physical ability. The condition of his mind? He wanted to possess her, isn’t it? But offer him some yoga or something else beneficial to health. He will say: “Oh no, I’m too old!” So the mind is the Creator, and the mind is the destroyer. On the one hand, it creates as well as destroys. You must order the destructive part of the mind to calm down, and then you will begin to learn.

We all tend to abuse addictions. For this age is not a hindrance, but he suddenly becomes a hindrance when you want to do something useful. It always amazes me. I say that we should learn “abuse” good habits! You often talk about the mind as that of the above material, but how often do you act in accordance with that principle? We need to just take a deep dive. Those who are advanced in life and death, you know it. We neither float nor sink, but stay in some intermediate state. Life is a voyage, and death – dive to the bottom. If you understand both, you have no fear. Fear comes from the desire to understand life and death. But why can’t we be happy when death comes? Fear tells us that in old age, sickness and suffering increase. Your mind tells you that then you should start doing yoga or something in his youth was not worth it to stop these activities, but it was necessary to continue. Now you claim too old and probably already too late, so you and vary. Better to just start and starting to maintain a regular rhythm of practice.

At a certain age the body begins to weaken and, if you do nothing, the blood flows into those areas of the body that previously it was supplied. Performing asanas, the blood penetrates into the deep and distant areas of the body, nourishing them, so that the cells of the whole body remain healthy. But if you say, “No, I’m old”, circulation naturally deteriorating. If there is no rain, there’s a drought and famine, but if you don’t do yoga – if you do not irrigate your body – you bring drought and famine in your body in the form of incurable diseases, you just take them, and prepare to die.

Why do you allow to come drought, if you are able to irrigate your body? If you do not could help him, that’s different. But once you have the ability to supply your body with fresh blood, you will certainly should do it. To do nothing means allowing the forces to attack stronger, and the forces of resistance to weaken. The disease that is offensive power; the internal energy is power, defensive. With age defensive power decreases, and offensive power increases. So the disease enters our body. Body, practicing yoga, fortress-like supporting in due course its defensive power, so the attacking force in the form of diseases cannot penetrate through the skin. What would you prefer? Yoga helps to keep this protective power at the optimum level is what we call health.

Some people talk a lot about the dangers of yoga and about the risk of injury. But if you casually walk down the street, it may also be the cause of the accident. Why is no one advises not to walk? People die lying on the bed. Does it follow that it is dangerous to sleep on the beds?

I do yoga more than fifty years, and I have trained many thousands of students on five continents of the globe. It is sad to say, but there are yoga teachers who know very little, but declare themselves as teachers. The problem lies not in the art of yoga, and the inexperience of teachers and excited students. If a person who is not able to stand, tries to walk, he would break my legs; this happens in yoga. For example, in Western countries, people usually want to learn how to perform Padmasana, the Lotus position. They say: “I think I can do it!” unfortunately, thoughts occur in the mind, and the actions in the knee! If you don’t understand the mind of the knee and forced him to follow the wishes of the brain, knee break. But if you understand and causes stiffness, and causes the movement of the knee, step by step eliminate this constraint and increases the degree of mobility, then there is no danger. If in yoga and accidents happen, the blame is not yoga cause aggressiveness in students who are.

So all you can do yoga. Queen of Belgium started doing a handstand at the age of eighty-six years, and nothing happened. I hope you understand me correctly. All you can do yoga, but do her wisely, aware of their capabilities. If you try to imitate me, of course you will suffer, because I have been doing yoga for half a century. Need to wait to reach that level. Yoga cannot be taken by assault.

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