Yoga for beginners at home exercises

In the article there is a speech about what yoga is, whence originates this practice, how to practice yoga on their own, how to start doing yoga. Yoga for beginners – it’s easy!

All at least once in my life heard the word “yoga”. But whether all will be able to explain what it is? Yoga is an amazing practice that came into the world from mysterious India, bearing health to the body and soul of man. Yoga will teach how to breathe and relax, will order blood pressure,

will help to forget about insomnia.

Yoga – what is it?

If we talk about yoga in the fullest sense of the word, it is a particular way of life which helps to achieve enlightenment. Yoga is an ancient philosophical doctrine about the nature and purpose of human life.

Anyone who decides to seriously practice yoga, have to realize that life under the new canons will require a lot of time on this serious hobby, you will require to give up some creature comforts.

Yoga will require rethinking their life principles and habits. It will require immediate abandonment of all harmful, bad. Man must teach himself control over his feelings, to purchase peace and physical balance. Independence from their feelings, the ability to meditate and to fully focus lead to the achievement of perfection of the soul, the physical body.

If to perceive yoga as a set of asanas (special item), it will become just gymnastics. But the desired effect full update will bring. In this case, yoga is a complex variety of exercises to improve health, to normalize the function of individual organs, to form a complete figure.

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A brief history of yoga

The history of yoga is long and rich. Another Indian stamps relating to the II-III centuries B. C. already has the images of figures in poses of yoga meditation. Such a notion is found in the “rig Veda” – in the ancient Upanishads, which scholars date to the tenth century B. C. the Basic concept of yoga outlined in the “medium” the Upanishads-VI century BC Mahabharata, Bhagavad-Gita” and “Yoga Sutra”. The earliest school of teaching yoga is called “Raja yoga”. It is also called the “Yoga of mind control”.

In “Yoga Sutra” is the definition of “Ashtanga yoga – the eight steps of Raja yoga”.

These degrees are divided into two main parts:

four lower level is “Hatha yoga”;

four highest stage is actually “Raja yoga”.

It is the “Hatha yoga, which focuses on cleansing the body, the mind, increase vitality, became widespread in the world.

The benefits of yoga for man

The beneficial impact of yoga on health may well feel anyone who regularly devotes several hours each week. Enough even two months to feel positive changes.

Yoga exercises help to forget about chronic pain in all sections of the spine. Most asanas aimed at maintaining its correct functioning.

Yoga heals all body systems: cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, etc. When performing asanas is made massage of all internal organs that are responsible for normal functioning of the body.

Regular practice of yoga makes the body flexible and plastic. The correction of poor posture eliminates the cause of pain in the joints, makes the gait more graceful and smooth.

Meditation in yoga asanas increase the immune system’s ability to resist disease, reduced risk of heart disease.

Yoga classes associated with human vital energy, help you gain confidence in yourself, make a person more relaxed and less prone to stress than usual.

Contraindications to yoga class

Yoga can be for everyone. But, as with any gymnastics, yoga has contraindications. Without prior consultation of a doctor can not perform asanas in a number of diseases:

in mental disorders, especially schizophrenia;

in all acute diseases of internal organs;

in the presence of inguinal hernias;

in the case of high arterial or intracranial pressure;

in the case of heart disease, especially after a heart attack;

in the first year after the stroke;

in the case of diseases of the joints, the spine trauma;

in Oncology;

immediately after all types of surgery;

for colds or the flu, any increases in body temperature.

Yoga classes need to be interrupted if, in every lesson, she feels worse. Then require medical advice. For women are not allowed in classes during the critical days when pregnancy is more than 3 months.

The basic rules of yoga for beginners

Since yoga requires a system, you must immediately decide on the time you practice. It is believed that every morning should start with yoga classes within a couple of hours. But a more optimal time to practice many consider the evening. And body more flexible, and asanas are done easier. If the working day is too saturated, it is better to allocate each day for at least 15 minutes, than then to try to catch up in one day, giving lessons 2-4 hours time.

To engage in the practice of yoga with an empty stomach, or after a few hours after eating. Exercises can be practiced on any non-slippery Mat or on the floor. Classes are conducted barefoot.

Yoga requires complete silence and concentration. Therefore, all external sound sources you want to disable.

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Performing an asana, you need to concentrate on the body, and, simultaneously, to completely relax. Asanas should be performed slowly and smoothly, feeling each inhalation and each exhalation. Only with proper breathing, you can completely relax your body and calm your mind. Herein lies the effectiveness of yoga classes.

What not to do when practicing yoga?

Yoga has always been considered a fairly quiet, safe activity that will only help to cope with the constant stress, improve your figure and strengthen the immune system. All this is so. But need to correct, concentrating and smoothly perform each exercise. It is necessary to protect the spine while performing the asanas, it is impossible to prevent discomfort or even pain in his field. If such feelings appeared, such exercises it is better not to do. Need to consult a trainer or physician.

You cannot force the development of more complex movements and asanas. Possible stretching.

If there was pain in his knees while performing poses such as “Lotus”, need special attention to concentrate on smoothness and accuracy of movements. And then injuries can be avoided.

Primary asanas (exercises)

The first asana, you can start even without an instructor. These asanas will bring only benefits, even if their execution is not quite exact or correct. But these simple asanas prepare for a better understanding of their bodies, will give direction to the development.

There is no need to hurry. ‘ve got to concentrate only on the sensations of your body. Everything should be done very gradually.

Performing an asana, you need to feel the stretching of muscles of the body and limbs.

The simplest asanas for beginners:

1. The tree pose

Become straight. When you inhale slowly lift your hands, to pull them up. Take smooth his hands back behind his head, revealing his chest. To enhance asana, and develop a sense of balance, you need to lift the bent leg, putting her foot on his thigh.

This asana will give a graceful posture, and strengthen the spine.

2. Child’s pose

You sit with your buttocks on your heels. Then the body down the thighs, arms relaxed pull forward.

This asana gently relaxes tight back muscles, relieve tension from the neck.

3. The mountain pose (“doggy”)

Lean forward and place the palms on the floor. Then raise your pelvis up, to retreat heels back. Weight should be evenly distributed between your hands and feet. Head lowered under the elbows.

This asana will make slender legs and relieve tension from the shoulders and back.

4. Posture stork

To lift up his hands, exhaling, bend down, bending from the waist.

This asana will give flexibility to the legs and tone the body.

5. The bow pose

Lie on your stomach, take yourself for both ankles, and when you inhale, simultaneously lift and the top half of my torso, and lower.

This asana will make the back smooth, slender hands, strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Practicing yoga, remember – do everything slowly, thoughtfully. Feel your every move, just enjoy it. And don’t forget about thoughts – use yoga to relax, escape from problems and make yourself a little better than yesterday. Good luck to you!

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