What shoes should choose for children

Mom have to deal with hundreds of problems in the process of selecting appropriate children’s clothing and shoes for your baby. On the one hand, I want him to look stylish and fashionable, and on the other hand, many current models are too flimsy and worn a couple of times, then going into oblivion. Meanwhile, they cost a lot. Therefore, you should be able to find a model that will combine the attractive appearance of the Shoe for a child with many useful features and comfort for children’s


Choosing shoes for your child, of course, should pay attention to its appearance

The baby must like his shoes, otherwise, he will just roll tantrums, and refuse to wear it. Beautiful shoes for children in Kazan do not compromise quality. However, the choice of shoes is not a momentary decision, it should spend their time and attention Nikolaev mom.

For starters, it should be noted that size is very important

If the Shoe is too high, when walking, the foot will slide inside, and the child will be shuffling heel. It is desirable that between the little toes on my feet and the toe of the Shoe was a distance of one centimeter. This is ideal for shoes in warm weather, because the leg will swell, and in winter, when it will be to dress in socks or tights.

In addition, you must remember that should be plenty of room for walking, and that the baby’s feet will grow very quickly.


When choosing the material, of course, be aware of the fact that the most strong and durable natural leather. In addition, it is flexible, provides excellent ventilation of the feet and rapid evaporation of moisture, which is important. However, now there are other materials, it is durable and safe for baby.

It is a modern high-tech materials. As for the interior design, it should be a natural material, in winter –wool sheepskin, for example.

Sole baby shoes should be flexible and elastic, which creates the effect of walking barefoot

In such shoes, the child will be comfortable to run and play in the game and also to walk. Check out sole when purchasing flexion test.

It is desirable that the sole had a corrugated texture that is done to ensure that the shoes do not slip while walking, avoid child injuries.

Heel height

Also Nikolaev ladies should note that children’s shoes should have a small heel that helps to shape gait and allows the baby to fall back. However, the heel height should not exceed 7 millimeters.

The heel of the Shoe should not have cutouts or inserts to properly shape the feet of the child. It is also important the presence of supinator, which is important for the formation of the foot. However, it should not be pronounced, so as not to disturb the development of the foot of the child. These recommendations will help the Nikolaev lady to choose the most appropriate Shoe for your baby.

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