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Something happened that had to happen: our editorial staff moved. From a cozy office in the heart of Moscow, we moved into a very cosy and comfortable building, but noticeably away from the center. In addition, when moving I found one unpleasant thing – the road from the subway was extended twice, now this way takes at least 15 minutes. But on second thought, this disadvantage turned to advantage. Fate itself provides us a chance, I thought, and it would be a sin not to use them. Because here, go

in the morning to work, do the 15 minute exercise, but at the same time strengthen their health. My impulse was supported by a husband who, being a rational man, he immediately introduced in this venture element of scientific character, handing me an ordinary pedometer that I “definitely controlled the process.” The idea was that within one week counting day Hiking the load, and then increase it in those days, which were underutilized. Offer you, dear readers, to walk that path with me.

Walking is an effective and inexpensive way to give your body exercise. Many experts in sports medicine consider that much more useful for beginners to practice walking, not running. Running requires the right equipment and enough of good shoes that help prevent injuries. Hiking is possible in all weather conditions and on virtually any road. To ensure that classes are not boring, often need to change the route and travel in the company of like-minded people. In Europe and America, people even gather together in clubs of fans of walking, and travel agencies offer a wide selection of tours around the world for travelers who prefer to travel on foot. Walking can be practiced by people of any level of fitness, including those suffering from many chronic diseases. Even an isolated walk without additional loads will allow you to “pump up” the muscles of the legs. But most importantly, walking is a good example of aerobic exercise, which burns calories and trains the cardiovascular system. Of course, all this is true only if the person moves not waddling, and in a fairly vigorous pace. On the other hand, the pace, this should not be detrimental to the health, it is impossible to drive themselves, it is necessary to consider the peculiarities of the organism and accordingly to overload him. You can, for example, focus on your heart rate. To achieve a training effect, this indicator in the walk shall be not less than 50% of the maximum level (maximum heart rate is calculated as 220 minus age in years – see article in the series “How to improve health for the year” at No. 2, 2001). But is not a problem, if you cannot withstand the “correct” curves, if she does not want to get into certain medical science framework. Even just long enough walking will bring your body a big favor. And to control individual loads, resort to simple tests on a conversation or singing. If while walking you can easily carry on a conversation or sing, so the body copes with the load. Shortness of breath also indicates that we need to slow down. Another important point: the continuity of the walk. Short, numerous, transitions will give less effect than continuous walking. The most important thing – a little rebuild their world, becoming a pedestrian in every sense of the word, to learn to use every opportunity to walk and get rid of the almost innate desire to ride any kind of transportation for one or two stops. What “pedestrian” provisions to overlook a narrow-minded city dweller, you read the sidebar “Seven ways to make extra steps.

The researchers argue that 10 thousand steps (about 7.5 km) a day can help you improve health and avoid chronic diseases. What does this mean in reality? The majority of people engaged in daily activities, make daily 3-6 thousand steps. To “get” the rest, need to do a 35-45-minute walk at a fairly intense pace. And ideally should be increased weekly Hiking the load by 20% until, until you reach the level that allows you to stabilize the weight and other desired metrics.

I must admit that the pedometer was bad for me assistant. He reacted not only to walk, but also on any other vibration and shamelessly lied. They say the Japanese have ultra-modern and ultra-reliable models, but they’re equally super expensive for us. Therefore it is better to resort to other methods of counting. First of all let’s agree on the criteria. We assume that the average citizen, slowly strolling in the Park, travels at a speed of 3 kilometers per hour. People hurrying to his favorite work, runs for one mile in 15 minutes. But if he is already late and is afraid nachalnicheskie anger, we will overcome this distance in 10 minutes. Knowing the time of the walk, we can learn the distance that daily pass, and, gradually, closer to the coveted 7.5 kilometers. I suggest during the week to calculate their movements, and then think about an additional “distance “. Once again, that a gradual increase of the load should be 20%. To find out how much you owe additional steps that you should multiply your daily result (distance) by a factor of 1.2. The resulting figure is the goal, which will loom before you in the next week.

The main thing here, as in any activity – systematic. Learn how to regularly assess their load, and the walk will be given to you as easily as any other daily work. And when you see the first encouraging results, you’ll want to fix this.

The process of walking should be NOT ONLY USEFUL BUT PLEASANT. You should select a safe and eye-pleasing routes are well lit and free from traffic.Use your walk AS a WAY of developing NEW AREAS. The more diverse your route, the more interesting you will be traveling YOU will DISCOVER LOTS of NEW AND UNKNOWN PLACES in your own town and get a lot of pleasure.

SEVEN WAYS to make extra steps

Try during a telephone conversation to move around the room. During the five-minute conversation you will make 100 steps.

Instead of sending an electronic message to a colleague sitting on the floor above, or call him on the phone, do not be lazy to climb the stairs and talk in person – you have another 200-300 steps.

Force yourself to break away from another insipid TV shows and go for a walk (you might also walk the dog). 30 minute ignored transmission will give you a 1500-2500 steps.

Generally, motorists are so accustomed to the saddle” that even a half-kilometer distance travel by car. Take your time and give up one short trip. Your account still 2500-3500 steps.

Think of a new way of communicating with friends, but talk past midnight and abundant food. For example, moving at a leisurely pace through the Museum of fine arts, you without discuss all the news, and at the same time and make 3500-5000 steps.

A great way to exercise is to climb up the escalator in the metro. While breathing through your nose and count steps. Once breathed through my mouth, then load enough, it’s time to stop. If walking on the escalator to make a point, you will soon learn to overcome ladder of any length.

Forget the elevators. The control of the load is the same as in the previous case.

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