Treadmill pros

After one of the workouts in the fall, during which I got caught in the rain and came home wet, cold and with lots of mud on his sneakers, decided it was time to move to a fitness club.

What are the advantages of the change of the solid earth on a moving belt?

“We are not afraid of neither wind nor heat nor ice.” Outside the weather

always dictates its own rules, in the gym, the optimal conditions for training. Agree, very hard to force myself to run out in the rain, cold or strong wind. Frustrating home to resort wet and dirty. In this weather, it’s easy to catch a cold! One of the biggest and main advantages of the treadmill – there is no bad weather!

Each step is known. I think each runner ran in wet and dirty sneakers, despite the fact that the maximum tried bypass of puddles. Sometimes we fail due to the topography, and sprains because of the deep pits. On rough terrain it is quite difficult to escape, even peering in the ground: pits, potholes, roots are not uncommon. On the treadmill every step is predetermined. Moreover, it is possible to run on a flat surface, but you can artificially make the mountainous terrain, uzbeka on the track, which is not always possible, exercising outdoors.

The pace and control. A treadmill allows you to control the tempo, which is important for beginners. This helps set the pace for the heart rate and control the race. On the track it is much easier to perform interval training and easy to manage loads, gradually increasing the tempo, or just perform a recovery training at your pleasure.

Combined training. Performing a workout on the treadmill in the fitness center, you can combine running with different types of exercises. For example, a run I make a banner that can be on the street, but not always convenient. Will not lie down on the floor and no special Swedish wall. After a half–hour run can 30 minutes workout in the gym, strengthening abs and back muscles, arms, legs, and just to get a pump. The gym I often combine with the bike or step machine also for 20-30 minutes.

Security. In autumn it gets dark early, is quite scary, unsafe, and just uncomfortable to run in the dark. Again, a big plus to the side of the treadmill.

Other pluses. As a minor, but the benefits can be identified: the presence of water, as well as places where you can put a water bottle (don’t have her to hold in your hands while running); can be run late at night (a great option for working people, when it’s dark early); to go to a fitness club with a friend, a friend (each individual pace and very uncomfortable to run together on the street, and a treadmill is a great option).

In the following article will consider the cons of the treadmill.

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