Therapeutic swimming in osteochondrosis of its use and the method of implementation

Swimming in the treatment of osteoarthritis: does it?

The osteoarthritis initially affects the cartilage of the intervertebral disc with subsequent involvement of the vertebral bodies, spinal nerves, muscles, ligaments. This disease is not built in one day – low back pain is prolonged. Accordingly, the treatment of degenerative disc disease is a complex process and very long.

The benefits of swimming

Mandatory component of treatment of osteochondrosis is improving gymnastics.

It is noteworthy that professionals in physical therapy (physical therapy) strongly recommend swimming in osteochondrosis, which must be included in complex physical activities. Moreover, lessons in water have a greater effect on the patient’s spine than classes outdoors or in the gym.

The fact is that in the water, which is the medium more dense than air, it is much easier to make smooth slow motion. Such movements are required during physical exercises for degenerative disc disease. In addition, in the ordinary course of therapeutic exercises very difficult to find the exercises, during which uniformly involved all the muscle groups. Each performed the element is loading some certain group of abdominal muscles, back, limbs, neck. And during the medical swimming in varying degrees, involved all the muscles of the human body.

Swimming recreation contributes to:

Strengthening the muscular frame of the back, neck

Stabilization of all spine – vertebra completely or partially returns to its original position

Expansion of intervertebral spaces, allowing exempt strangulated nerve fibers

Stimulation of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems

Raising the General tone, improved emotions, which is also important in osteochondrosis.


During swimming lessons should follow some rules. Otherwise, these classes will not improve, but rather worsen the course of osteoarthritis. First, you need to determine the place of holding them. Swimming in open water is undesirable. And not only for environmental reasons. Even a moderate course in the river requires additional physical costs, which negatively affects the spine.

The pool is the only place where you can heal through the spine swimming. Here and the optimum water temperature, and experienced specialists, and the availability of necessary arrangements for swimming gymnastics. As for water temperature, it should be in the range of 27 to 30°C. subsequently, it is possible to reduce, but not less than 23°C. a necessary condition for the supervision of a specialist in physical therapy, who knows how to swim in osteochondrosis.

Just before classes in the pool, it is recommended to do a short warm-up to stretch the muscles and increase the flow of blood through the vessels. The optimal style of swimming breaststroke, in which the body is in a plane parallel to the water surface, and the upper limbs are in the water. Swimming with cervical osteochondrosis is preferably carried out in the supine position, when the muscles of the neck maximally relaxes. This provision is desirable and degenerative disc disease at other sites. And no quick forced movements. On the contrary, you should take frequent breaks, lying motionless on the water surface.

A very important breathing rhythm deep breaths, exhaling sharply. As you know, still hung on the crossbar has a positive effect on the spine due to the expansion of the gaps between the vertebrae. But to implement it in normal conditions can not all elderly and physically weak people, many women can not do it. But hanging on the bar with the body immersed in the water. Indeed, in an aqueous medium, the weight of the body decreases. Regarding the duration of sessions, it should be 45-50 min with a frequency of 2 times per week. The only way to achieve results.


Swimming in the treatment of osteoarthritis is good for the fact that it has few contraindications. But still they exist. This:

The acute stage of osteoarthritis with severe pain

Severe cardiac and respiratory failure

Eczema, dermatitis and other skin diseases

Colds and flu

Any tendency for seizures, including epilepsy

Severe motor impairment due to injuries and brain lesions.

But the inability to swim is a contraindication for diving in osteochondrosis? Definitely not. Even if the patient isn’t able to float, you can use the rubber circle or a water pillow. An inflatable vest is undesirable. But the pillow is recommended even for those who swims well. First take in hand and sail through the legs, and then Vice versa, clamp legs and paddle with your hands. This creates the optimum load at the shoulder and pelvic girdle.

Training in the pool can be supplemented by hydro-Kinesis therapy. This term refers to different water treatments in the bathroom and in the shower. This includes power shower, contrast shower, a warm bath with aromatic oils and medicinal concoctions. This is similar to swimming in the pool – toning, normalization of blood circulation, increased metabolism throughout the body, including the intervertebral discs.

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