The influence of environmental factors

The human body has a unique ability to adapt to significant environmental fluctuations. In this and the previous Chapter, we considered the adaptive response of the organism to heat, cold, humidity, high and low atmospheric pressure.

Stay under water

A series of projects “CELEB” undertaken by the naval forces of the USA, allowed to be at a depth of 60 to 260 m to 30 days. To ensure the long stay under water was developed a special technique called saturation diving. It is based on the fact that at a given depth, the number of metabolically inactive gas (such as nitrogen) that can dissolve in body tissues is limited. During his stay in for 24 h in conditions of high pressure gases body tissues are saturated with nitrogen. After complete saturation of the fabric no longer absorb a significant amount of nitrogen, regardless of the length of stay at a given depth. To perform prolonged work under water it would be better not to rise to the surface and spend many hours in a decompression chamber, before diving under the water.

Towards the achievement of maximum activity of the muscular system

Peak muscular dynamism involves the greatest physiological and psychological tolerance to training. But the stages of intense concentration lead to a reduction in muscular power and, therefore, mitotic activity. Therefore, in order to achieve peak physical fitness many athletes take the saturation of training shortly before the main competition to provide an opportunity for the body and mind return to normal after a while after a grueling stamina. This phase, during which the saturation classes decreases, should be abundant to heal damage to tissues due to strenuous exertion, and in addition to fully recreate the energetic reserves of the person. Studies show that the length of such period Calisto forced to be at least 4 weeks.

The most noticeable transformation during this period – a notable addition mitotic mass, which, at least in part, explains the increased muscle activity. No one knows whether there is an increased mitotic mass hardly changes in systolic modes of miokarda or product more effective inclusion (recruiterguy) muscle fibres. Note that studies of special muscle fibres obtained from the hands of Brassica before and after 11 days of high-intensity loads, was represented significant reduction speed reduction rapid mitotic fibers. This difference justify the change, resulting in macromolecules of amino acids. Then the amino acid in TR-tissues become akin to myosin in the MS-mode fibers. On the principle of the obtained data we can assume, making such changes in mitotic tissues lead to a decrease in strength, which is observed in Calisto and sprinters at the time extended periods of high-intensity warm-up exercises. In addition, we can Express the assumption that the resumption of muscle mass and power, which occurs in a given period, may be associated with dynamic changes in systolic mechanisms of muscle.

The reduction of the intensity of training before the competition has a huge role to achieve maximum physical fitness. Classes in a particular unit causes the damage of the muscular system, on this basis, the reduction in the size and tension, together with a good rest allows him to “restore” itself, and to renew energy reserves that will be required at the time of the championship V.

A method of reducing the intensity of training before an important competition, widely used in various types of sports activities. Along with this large number of coaches are afraid that the decrease in the intensity of training along a sufficiently long period of time before the big tournament in forces cause a lowering of the height of preparation and unsuccessful participation in competitions. However, the results of numerous experiments show the groundlessness of such fears.

Rise perfect DTC arises due to significant physical practice, but after VQ was earned, to maintain it at the most “significant grade have significantly reduced the parameter training. Actually, the preparatory grade can persist even with the decrease in the level of training by 1/3.

The marathoners and Calisto, decreasing the volume of training loads by 80 percent during 15-23 days, did not find the reduction and regression of muscle activity, manifestations of resistance. Only in a single analysis the swimmers were revealed reduced levels of lactate in the standard indicators later period of low intensity training. But their plans was that the magnitude of mitotic functions after they reduce the intensity of training has risen by 3.2 %, and muscle mass and endurance of the hands increased proportionately and 24.6 16.9 percent.

Period of low intensity training favorably affects brussilov than sprinters to long distance. The sprinters, sawchik seven days ‘ distance from 83 to 22 km, RMP at maximum work hardly changed. But the power of feet they rose almost 5 percent (test jump at the top). Sadly, there is little data on the impact of the downgrade, the saturation of training on muscle dynamic athletes collective sport activities, besides, cyclists and runners over long distances. On this basis before giving advice to people who deal with these varieties of sports activities should be tracked, what is the impact on muscular activity will identify a period of low intensity warm-up exercises.

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