The effect of exercise on the body

1. The impact of exercise on various organ systems. 10

1.1 the Impact of exercise on metabolism and energy. 1 1

1.2 the Impact of exercise on the circulatory system. 12

1.3 the Impact of exercise on the respiratory system. 15

1.4 the Impact of exercise on the nervous system. 17


“Physical exercise have to enter into the daily life of everyone who wants to maintain health, performance, a full and joyful life.”

Nowadays it is very acute problem of sports among the population. Not long ago, President Dmitry Medvedev spoke at the first channel of the country with statistics on this issue. Nowadays the sport (including the ordinary charging) deals only 15% of our country, and what do the other 85%? With the arrival of televisions, computers, and different neblagopriyatnyh factors for human health (Smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction). Due to sedentary lifestyle arose an acute problem of various diseases and obesity. The population of the country is starting to forget about sports. After all, if we come to a new school, we will see how in almost every class guys only talk about who, how many killed enemies and earned points. If we go in any office, we will see that the situation has not changed, the workers (managers, Directors, editors, etc.) sit in their seats and only know how to push the buttons of the keyboard. This grey spot is a ray of light is those people who still through the pain and unwillingness to engage in any sport, but they do, and rightly so.

In our city there are many sports clubs, some better – some worse, but they are, and then there are people who go, people are mostly dissatisfied with their figure and want to improve it.

I am very involved in basketball and volleyball for 5 years and know how in the beginning it is difficult when you do not want to go to the gym, but your feet will carry you. But then I started with a great desire to go to training to do. I noticed a huge change in your physical condition, mood, physical condition and immunity. I played basketball because I wanted to master my body and be in good physical shape.

I wanted to pump up his own muscles and empty your mind of all thoughts. I wanted to achieve physical, mental and spiritual harmony. The process of training brings me enormous pleasure. I like the workout, the feeling of pumping the muscles during exercise and relaxation, bordering on exhaustion that comes later. And I not only with a great hunt played basketball, but also get pleasure from studying.

In basketball practice, the mind is as important as the body. To succeed in basketball, as in any other sport, need to learn to think. I need to figure out what I’m doing.

What is health and how to preserve it.

Health is the harmonious unity of the physical, mental, social functions of man is conducive to the realization of its possibilities.

Health is the condition of the body when the function of all organs and organ systems are balanced with the external environment which excrete plenty and no major changes.

Human health depends on:

status of medicine – 10%

the influence of environmental factors – 20-25%

genetic factors – 20%

lifestyle, physical activity – 50%

72% of pupils there has been a violation of posture, 30-40% of the variance in the cardiovascular system. 50% of girls and 20% of boys are overweight. A great achievement of the science of physical education was the use of physical exercises for therapeutic purposes.

Let’s try to answer the question of why physical activity is essential for health?

Working muscles, the muscles form a stream of pulses, constantly stimulating the metabolism, the nervous system and all organs, which improves the use of tissue oxygen, excess fat is deposited, increasing the protective properties of the organism.

Systematic training makes muscles stronger, and the body in General better adapted to the environmental conditions. Under the influence of muscular exertion increases the heart rate, the heart muscles stronger decrease, increased blood pressure. This leads to functional improvement of the system of blood supply. During muscular work increases the rate of breathing, breath deepens, intensifies the exhalation, improving the ventilation capacity of the lungs.

Regular exercise will help you increase the mass of skeletal muscles, strengthening of ligaments, joints, growth and development of bones. People who do the necessary amount of physical activity, look better, mentally healthier, less prone to stress and tension, sleep better, have fewer health problems.

Our ancestors lived in close contact, communion with nature and worked synchronously natural rhythms – get up of a morning and fell asleep with the evening dawn.

The advent of projectile weapons, and later Luke, in the stone age, contributed to the need to improve physical education, movement quality, as the key to successful hunting, protection from the enemy. In the ancient Greek States had a special interest in physical education. There he taught fencing, gymnastics, horseback riding, swimming, running, wrestling, pugilism. It is important to note that they were created by the Olympic games. For the middle ages was characterized by military physical education. Warrior-knight should be fluent in horse riding, fencing, archery, swimming, hunting. In Russia it was popular swimming, skiing, skating, wrestling, hunting, games, where needed dexterity and hardening. In the era of Peter the great physical exercises were first used in Russia in the system of training of soldiers and officers. Further physical exercises are increasingly used in schools. Much of the credit for this belongs to A. V. Suvorov. In the second half of the 19th century. the sport began to develop in the shape of circles and clubs.

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