The benefits of swimming

We all know how useful exercise for the body. Especially good if you are given the opportunity to choose any type of sport that suits your pace of life and state of health. But in any case, the sport is supposed to be fun.

Some prefer going to the gym, who–selects walks in the fresh air, and someone like serious sports. such as football. N there are those who

like swimming. This sport is very effective in weight loss and body transformation.

Advantages of swimming is just amazing. Swimming pool activities not only contribute to the improvement of the body, but also help in the fight against obesity. This sport develops flexibility, endurance, increases efficiency.

The trip is ideal for absolutely everyone. This is the most gentle kind of physical exertion, as the possibility of injury is reduced to zero. Training in the pool for those who never played sports. besides, this is ideal for those who power sports contraindicated who have diseases of the joints, for those who are overweight, and also pregnant.

This sport is bracing. In the process of training you can use all of the muscle groups, it depends on the choice of style of swimming. In addition to tightening the muscles in the arms, thighs, abdomen, swimming helps strengthen joints, making them more flexible.

Swimming belongs to aerobic exercise, during the heats of the consumption of muscle oxygen maximum. The main advantage of training in the pool is lowering blood pressure, helping to reduce the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system

The benefits of swimming

activates blood circulation;

tightens the figure, leads her to tone;

improves endurance and efficiency;

used in the rehabilitation processes of diseases of the joints and muscles;

allows you to keep your weight under control ;

promote optimal muscle balance (most professional athletes spend some portion of training in the pool);

a good way to relieve stress .

Many people do not take diving as a serious sport. But there are so many exercises from the usual heats up Aqua-aerobics. And each of these exercises benefit the body: muscles, heart and lungs.

Some exercises

Aqua aerobics is a great exercise that strengthens the cardiovascular system. Simple aerobics is a set of rhythmic movements. And the same movements are doing in the water. Resistance power of water allows you to achieve great results from their training.

Running and walking in the shallow benefit as much as exercise on land, but less traumatic. Exercise is much more effective when you run it at a greater depth.

Perform a variety of stretching exercises at the side. This helps to avoid muscle soreness after workouts.

Water yoga allows you to relax with the help of peaceful movements in the water. It has been proven water is the best relaxant.

Water shaping – this exercise, the performance of which involves the muscles of the body. Often for shaping lessons apply various adaptations, but water resistance is enough. Such training makes muscles more toned.

Video “Conversation with the instructor about the benefits of swimming”

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