Test running shoes review

Quickly passed the fall, and now finishes the race, but after a short rest we need to continue to train, build skills, prepare for the next season. Only now I have to run not along the asphalt path, and on snow-covered avenues. Yes, these workouts – it is a continuous voltage, the clutch has almost no focus on how to slip, not to fall and God forbid get a sprain or worse. At this time of year just need to have the appropriate sports clothing and footwear. And here again arises the problem that urgently needs to decide what kind of running shoes to choose. Focus on non-slip soles with good traction and cushioning quality – and begin to study the

information on the Internet, who, what of those who “topic” recommends, experienced, watch the proposal online stores offering shoes Asics, Mizuno. And eventually stopped on asics GEL-NIMBUS 14 (WOMEN) . in my opinion, this is what I need.

External inspection and weight of the Shoe

In principle, a good, cute shoes, of course, the most important is the functionality, not the appearance of shoes, but for women, it is also not unimportant advantage. Estimate the weight of one Shoe – about 250-270 grams, is quite suitable for Jogging long distances, short distances, of course, would choose something easier. Trying to bend the front part of the Shoe – this can be difficult, quite hard shoes, though it has its advantages. Inside the thick insole and soft finish, the foot should be comfortable.

First workout

It often happens that new shoes at the first training begins to grate, so before you start to run, they better post a little, to get used to the leg to krossovki and krossovki to the leg, especially if the foot is non-standard. These sneakers such troubles I did not cause it, but I noticed another effect.

Start running and feel – the legs just go numb, especially uncomfortable feet. Stop, give a short rest the feet and resume the run – is not the same feeling. I don’t understand that and are already starting to lean towards the fact that the idea of buying this model of sneakers Asics was not very successful, and that they are probably just not suitable for me, but wear them for another two workouts, and everything falls into place. Unpleasant effect disappeared, I think the insole should have just to adapt to the shape of the foot, and the legs get used to new sneakers, especially as my sneakers still less springy when running, as they have less cushioning.

Training in the snow

Before you buy running shoes GEL-NIMBUS 14 . I ran in the Nike. When running in the snow they are terrible slide, constantly bringing the inconvenience: legs all the time in suspense, not, running technique didn’t work. Sometimes I even had to move a step, so as not to slip over.

But when I’m wearing women’s sneakers asics GEL-NIMBUS 14 . the difference was noticeable from the first minute of running. Excellent traction, stable running on the soft snow and a frozen snow crust. And yet, thanks to the stiffness of the Shoe, the foot has always been well documented in sneakers and not moved even when we had to escape on the loose snow.

Workout indoors

Of course, after running through the snow I never for a moment doubted that in the arena will be flawless grip, but still wanted to test sneakers at a faster pace.

Arena in our area has elongated cross-country track and turn in 10 meters – it’s pretty steep and short turn. Athletes, running 100 meters, make a sharp turn and again 100 meters of track. In this case the sneakers at the same time, and well fix the leg, and at the same time not to interfere with its free movement, or after several such curves can be obtained or stretching, or even injury.

So begin your experiment: wear new running shoes and start training in the arena. And once you understand that I can’t hardly take turns, and once ran off about three kilometers, starting to hurt feet. The experiment had to finish and to continue training, running in a straight line.

Here sneakers behaved quite differently motion does not restrained, natural running, and depreciation is also excellent. However I just ran 2 miles at a speed of: first 4.5 minutes per km, then speed up a little bit – 3 minutes, 45 seconds. km I Think they are slightly too heavy for fast run for a long distance.

Training on asphalt

In early April we took the team on a regular training camp in Kislovodsk, and I took their already – “run” sneakers asics GEL-NIMBUS 14 (WOMEN) . and for good reason. The crosses we ran on asphalt, and my shoes did not disappoint me, although the day was reeled over 30 km But the feet in sneakers was comfortable, in the rain, the feet do not get wet, shock absorption and grip in any weather.

So, by checking running shoes in fact, in different conditions, I can conclude that the purchase has been justified.

Pros sneakers asics GEL-NIMBUS 14 (WOMEN):

– excellent grip, even when running in the snow;

– high degree of attenuation;

– asymmetrical lacing allows you to securely fix the foot in sneakers;

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