Seven ways to quit Smoking

To avoid paying fines for Smoking in public places, you can just say goodbye to cigarettes

Wednesday, June 13, President Viktor Yanukovych signed the law on restriction of Smoking area. The law governing these issues, actually acted a long time ago. However, at the end of may, the Verkhovna Rada voted for the law additions. which prohibits Smoking in the premises of the catering industry.

Today Smoking in Ukraine cannot practically everywhere: on the playgrounds and in the hallways of apartment houses, subways, transport stations, stadiums, concert halls and pubs. To avoid paying fines for Smoking in public places, “Comments” offer their readers seven ways to say goodbye to a bad habit. In addition, Smoking has long been recognized as one of the main causes of premature mortality in the world.

To exercise willpower

It is believed that to quit Smoking once and for all, usually only people with very strong will. The majority of people are sure to say goodbye to a bad habit, you can gradually – just reducing the number of cigarettes smoked per day. Yes, a gradualreduction in the daily dose of nicotine the body first will not notice. But when, instead of 10-15 cigarettes a day a person begins to smoke 3-4, the body can rebel, because tobacco is an easy drug to wean from it is not so easy.

Meanwhile, the concentration of nicotine in the blood is reduced in half an hour after the last cigarette you smoked. So if you do not give up and put the pack of cigarettes away, physiologically, a person will no longer feel the need for nicotine is already after three days. However, the physical dependence on nicotine is not as strong as psychological. Often it becomes a cause “disruption”: the man just can’t imagine how you can give up your daily coffee with a cigarette.

To go to the gym

Psychologists say that the best way to quit Smoking during a vacation. First, won’t be near ubiquitous colleagues, accustomed to discuss in the Smoking room the latest gossip. Secondly, on vacation there is a lot of opportunities to get active, and therefore get bored and will not have time to smoke. The main thing – to not leave lying on the beach, and constantly moving. Ideal Hiking, diving, rafting on the river. In addition, exercise in some degree compensate for the usual body’s need for nicotine. Plus sports significantly reduce the level of stress that gets people seeking to quit Smoking. So even if the holidays are still far away, you can always sign up to a nearby fitness club, or just make a habit of long walks.

All people have different perceptions of the world around them. Someone pays attention to visual images, someone attaches particular importance to the sounds, and third important tactile component. These people constantly need something to twist, to touch, to rearrange. And when given does not busy minute cigarette turns into real happiness. For someone Smoking is a ritual: to twist in the hands of the lighter, twirl a cigarette. So quit Smoking in this case can help replace cigarettes with something equally exciting to the touch. For example, a mobile phone, tablet, or even knitting needles.

Go to the library

Unfortunately, magic spells, through which could instantly get rid of bad habits, in nature simply does not exist. To quit Smoking people use hypnosis approaches to psychotherapy, watching videos with the effect of 25 fps. The main goal of all these methods – suggestion to a person’s thoughts that Smoking is not want to live without cigarettes is a snap, and generally have the nasty taste of tobacco.

The most common way to try to abandon a bad habit is to seek the assistance of numerous books. One of the most popular publications on this topic “Easy way to stop Smoking” by Allen Carr. Someone after reading this book formulates installation that it could not find before, someone was inspired by the example of the author himself, someone finally comes to the conclusion that it’s time to say goodbye to a bad habit. However, reading the “Smoking cessation AIDS” will help only those people who are suggestible.

Look in the purse

A great way to quit Smoking is to calculate how much this habit has the budget. Counting the savings when getting rid of cigarettes money can surprise many: often it turns out that, after spending a year in the status of naturelike, it is possible to save money on vacation somewhere in Paradise by the ocean.

To visit the pharmacy

Modern medicine offers avid smokers have many methods available to ease their suffering after giving up cigarettes. The most common method of treatment of such withdrawal symptoms – nicotinecontaining therapy. In this case, the body receives the nicotine but without the harmful chemical compounds and substances that are in excess found in traditional cigarettes. In addition, the amount of nicotine is significantly lower than in tobacco products. So armed with, for example, nicotine patches, you can easily eliminate the physical dependence on tobacco. With regard to psychological dependence, it is possible to try to beat her, switching to cigarettes without tobacco. Although they certainly should not get carried away. Well and how here not to recall the “classical” method of getting rid of cigarettes: “Laxative! You just have no time to smoke!”

To make an appointment to see a doctor

If power is there, the will is there but the will power is not, for help in quitting Smoking, you can go to the doctors. In the Arsenal of Oriental medicine has a variety of Smoking cessation methods. Here and acupuncture, and acupressure, and moxibustion, and aromatherapy. The main task of the healers in this case, not only to get people to give up bad habits and to help the body adapt to a new way of life, but also in General to improve the body, to try to restore energy and biological balance disturbed by Smoking.

However, all of these methods, as shown by the centuries, the partiality of mankind to tobacco, useless if the smoker himself finally decides to get rid of bad habits. And it may well turn out as a joke:

– The doctor, in order to quit Smoking, you advised me to develop a sense of disgust for tobacco, pouring it into the broth, mashed potatoes, ice cream and other food.

– Absolutely. And I hope you managed to finally overcome the habit.

“Not quite, doctor. Smoking I became even more, but to food feel an insurmountable disgust.

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