Scandinavian walking


For Nordic walking requires a minimum of — sticks and comfortable shoes. Shoes all just — from spring to autumn are ideal Jogging sneakers or boots for outdoor activities in nature (trekking & outdoor), almost any winter winter shoes (snoubutss). Read more about winter outfit. But sticks, though very similar to ski, almost all of them are different


181 — 190 cm

130 cm

When the size became more appeared formula: 0.72 from growth from rising 0.7, 0.68 from growth-in-sports-Shoe. The easiest option growth — 50 centimeters . Visually, the hand with the upright stick should be bent at the elbow almost at a right angle. Sticks can be slightly shorter and slightly longer than recommended. With shorter sticks better to master the technique, with longer higher the load. After the appearance of telescopic poles pick up «under» much easier. Telescopic poles come in two – and three-knee, length adjustable from 100-110 to 135-140 cm:

Telescopicpoles can be with the mechanism «anti-shock» reducing the shock load on the brush when walking on paved:

Stick with «anti-shock» significantly harder. Tube telescopic aluminum poles, a conventional (fixed-length) aluminum or composite. Expensive composite models indicated % carbon content than its more — the poles are lighter and stronger. Well and more expensive, of course.

Pen and lanyard

The shape of the handle conforms to ski. Material — plastic, rubber, cork. The most important — a lanyard, it must be of type «trap» (the female wrist) and not type «loop». The quality of the models, the lanyard has an extra slot for the thumb, allowing a much better control of the stick rebound. More convenient if amlaki detachable, in this case a stick, you can quickly take off and put on:

Most knots are a standard size, some manufacturers offer «» «small». When choosing a size remember the winter when hands are gloves. Left and right amlaki mirror differ (except Chinese sticks, there’s usually all the same), are marked by the letters L and R, respectively.

Tips and «shoes»

Rigid lugs provide good traction on snow and soil. For walking on asphalt is additionally used to «shoes» («boots»):

There is a universal «shoes» — from thicker rubber and with a developed tread, with them you can walk on any surface:

On some models, «shoes» is not removed, and can be unfastened. To lose more difficult to replace worn almost impossible

Sticks for Hiking

In the shops under the guise of Nordic walking sticks are sometimes sold walking sticks for Hiking or mountaineering (trekking & hiking). Differences:

thicker, usually contoured handle

narrow lanyard type «loop»

round head instead of «Shoe»

With these poles you can also walk, but to properly master the technique will not work


The first specially designed Nordic walking poles released by the Finnish company Exel. Now most of the leading manufacturers of ski poles — KV+ , Leki , One Way. Start. Swix — offer them in their product lines.

Appeared and specialized brands that produce sticks and accessories for Nordic walking . for example ILUUM. In my opinion now this is the best choice — excellent quality and extra «chips» plus lower price than the leading «cane» manufacturers.

Sticks many unknown companies differ from each other mainly stickers. Great choice of accommodation offers the Chinese market. The prices are lower, but delivery time, quality, convenience and durability — as lucky. I do not recommend.

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