Review of high-tech fitness gadgets

The modern pace of life requires special attention to your body. Soon the New year, and after all the holidays, many people traditionally think over what in my life should change for the better: to lose weight, exercise or simply to begin the path to a healthier lifestyle.

You should start with fitness trackers ― devices that track physical activity of the person and help to adjust the process depending on the

desired goal.

Most of them require the installation on the corresponding smartphone app, with which gadgets communicate via Bluetooth. In this area in various price categories managed to check out many companies, such as Garmin, Nike, Razer, Epson, Archos, Fitbit and many others.

One of the leaders in this field is the company Jawbone . which recently released two new models .

One of its novelties ― UP Move is designed to help those who are just embarking upon the path of an active and healthy lifestyle and wants to understand what is a fitness tracker. This monitor performs a simple function pedometer, keeps track of the number of calories burned, and also analyzes the quality of sleep. An important advantage of the gadget is its affordable price ― about 3000 rubles.

In contrast to the UP Move, the second device ― UP3 is a professional fitness tracker at the highest level. The device is literally Packed with sensors ― accelerometer, temperature sensors of the body and the environment, a galvanic sensor that monitors the condition of the skin, the sensors of heart rate and respiratory rhythm.

All this set allows you to the features of a fitness tracker to add an analysis of the habits of the specific user, the quality of its recreational and General condition of the body, allowing the device to perform the functions of a personal trainer. The cost of the gadget, of course, is also consistent with the stated benefits and is about $180. One drawback: both models from Jawbone will be sold in Russia only in January 2015.

Fitness trackers are considered universal . but still they are not able to take into account all the peculiarities of each particular sport. So runners and cyclists will appreciate the Polar RC3 heart rate monitor with integrated GPS. With its help the user can determine the speed and length of your training, to pave the way to the starting point of the route, and also get a lot of data that allow to optimize the work of the body.

In addition to the heart rate sensors and running the device is equipped with bike speed sensor and cadence. For all this you will have to pay about 15 thousand rubles, that is not the limit for the same set of functions. Except Polar such important gadgets you can find in the line Garmin, Suunto and some other companies.

Another budget option that can suit the taste of those who chose to swim. For only $50 fitness tracker Misfit Flash in addition to the usual counting steps, determine the distance, and sleep quality promises to dive with the owner to a depth of 30 meters.

In a huge family of fitness trackers recently appeared and version for most young athletes from 4 to 7 years ― from LeapFrog LeapBand. The device certainly looks like a toy. It not only monitors physical activity of the child, but can offer him a number of games, which also seeks to instill in the child a love of exercise.

Fig. 1.

The cost of useful toys is $40 dollars. In the free market in Russia devices yet, but some online stores are already engaged in the supply of innovations from abroad.

For those who are used to work myself up a sweat, many companies are trying to find an alternative to heart rate monitors, attached to the body with straps. So, the fitness tracker Adidas miCoach Fit Smart is supposed to be worn only during training. The device is equipped with a simple diode display, and most of the information is transmitted to the smartphone, the program which includes 100 different training scenarios.

Good helper for both beginners and already has drawn adherents of a healthy lifestyle will become “smart” scales. Such a device determines not just the weight of a person, but also depending on the number of embedded sensors calculates the number of additional parameters (e.g., body mass index, weight only fat tissue and more.

The honorary title of the most tricked out scales belongs to Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 from the company Withings. In addition to their duties the device measures the pulse of a man, a fat percentage, temperature and content of carbon dioxide in it.

Accompanying program for the smartphone, after receiving the data from the scales via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, will give valuable advice, for example, about whether it is better to conduct the weigh-in..[em]

Fig. 2.

Cost of such a device is not cheap ― about 8.5 thousand rubles. But there are more budget options with a very decent set of features — such as the Connected Scale from ARCHOS is only 5 thousand.

Many followers of a healthy lifestyle prefer to take a morning jog or practicing in the music hall . Such will surely appreciate the novelty from the company Jabra, which combined high-quality wireless headphones with heart rate monitor Sport Pulse.

In addition to registration of physiological parameters the device has the function of a personal trainer. With the help of voice instructions headphones will help conduct training in a given mode intensity. A similar product called HRM Earphone this year introduced the company LG. Unfortunately, “smart” headphones has not yet reached Russia, but is now available to order priced from $200.

World fitness gadgets now extremely diverse and continues to expand, and the number of fans is growing steadily. We have described only some of the existing models and we hope that we managed to rouse interest that the number of people leading a healthy lifestyle or aspiring to it, continued to increase.

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