Restore muscle after exercise

When training the human body is experiencing power load. After them, however, is experiencing severe stress and, forcing the authorities to work hard, he does not have time to adapt. That’s why he needs rehabilitation. Due to this health improves and increases muscle mass.

The rest, of course, right after each workout. If a person knows his norm, then he will get from the rest mass energy. It is important not to overtrain!

There are several phases of recovery:

1. After exercise, the body quickly comes to the stage of recovery. Under stress, gets a certain amount of adrenaline and therefore, normal cardiovascular system. That is, at this stage the recovery is in itself.

2. The second phase, the body adapts to slower recovery. Occurs in the repair and at this time, to digest nutrients.

3.The third stage occurs after about 3 days, how was the workout. The duration is about a week. During this stage the muscles involved and more visible the results. Therefore, you should train those muscles that were involved at the beginning of the workout.

4. The fourth stage occurs only when the muscles are not getting the desired load. In this period can not run itself, as you will come to the starting point.

5. The fifth stage. Exercising and resting, following a schedule, the body is immersed in the state that you are seeking.

Everyone in the sport wants to achieve any results, but we should not forget about your body. He demands compensation. If you are engaged in hard sports, then do not forget that you need a good rest, to sleep, to recuperate. Despite this, you also need to eat right. Do not bring harm to your health. Only after the body realizes that it was restored, received the dedication, and starts muscle growth. When the recovery is moving in the right direction, after sleep a person feel refreshed, rested.

When you restore as well to use massage, as it may contribute to get the rest from the strain. Affecting the muscles, massage thereby relaxing them.

The diet also promotes good recovery, unless, of course, correct. In the diet should contain carbohydrates – they speed up the health proteins and – they contribute to the growth and strengthening of muscles. With regard to coffee and other drugs that affect the nervous system, then they need to be deleted.

When training it is advisable to drink plenty of water to fill the inventory of fluid in the body. With regular training you need to do and breaks. Alternate exercise and rest, do not load themselves, let’s break the body.

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