Planning physical training

Planning physical training is carried out:

for military personnel on contract and on call – 5 hours per week, daily for one hour in the regulation of work time to Open the document and download it (when in places of permanent deployment);

for cadets of military educational institutions – 4 academic hours per week in the grid class schedules;

for students of military educational institutions – 4 academic hours per week, 2 two-hour lessons (one lesson, the other in hours of independent work);

daily, except weekends and holiday days, in military units and military educational institutions performed the morning physical exercises duration 30-50 min;

weekly sports-mass work in the military unit (military training school) is conducted two times in 1 hour on working days in my free time and 3 hours on weekends and holidays for the military and cadets of military educational institutions; twice for 1 hour in the regulation of official time for contract servicemen.

DPS: 226. Sundays and holidays are days of rest for all personnel, except those persons on duty (combat service) and service in daily and garrison outfits. These days, as well as in their free time with staff conducted cultural-leisure work, sports, and games.

Thus, the output are only Sunday and Saturday physical exercises plan!

Shabbat is considered non-working days.

Planning physical training is conducted:

– in the unit – the chief of staff and head of physical training and sports;

– the battalion – chief of staff;

– in the company – the company commander.

The head of physical training and sports develops and submits for approval to the commanding officer:

plan the curriculum for physical training during the training;

plan of conducting morning physical exercises for a month (article 27 );

– a plan for orientation and practical lessons for commanders and first sergeants, unit for the period of study;

plan on sporting events academic year (half-year);

– regulations on sports military sports competitions and review of sports-mass work on the primacy of the parts for the academic year (training period);

– a schedule of training facilities for physical training during the training;

program and schedule training sessions on physical preparation with officers, warrant officers, servicemen and soldiers-women in the period of study.

Morning physical exercises are planned according to the plan of a military unit!

31. In the battalion in planning documents during the training period (month) shall include:

the number of hours devoted to physical training for departments on the topics;

topics and dates for the methodical and ostentatious practice with the teaching;

the timing of sporting and military-sports competitions on superiority of the battalion;

the timing of the activities and requirements of Military-sports complex.

32. In Rota in the schedule (daily training ship) shall include:

options and content of the morning physical exercises;

the themes and content of the classroom for physical training;

the content of the associated physical workout;

time and sports-mass work;

time, theme and content of methodical and ostentatious practice and sergeants (foremen).

In addition, the timetable for the week specify: the place, who is hosting, tutorials, instructions, material security and a mark on the implementation classes.

104. Methodical lesson is aimed at improving knowledge, skills and abilities of commanders of divisions (trainers) in organizing and conducting classes in various forms of physical training. Duration of methodical practice 2 hours.

Please note that orientation and practical lesson with the sergeants on this requirement should be planned for two hours!

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