Planning and healthy lifestyle

Many couples who start to plan for the child, wondering if we really need something to change in their lives and in their environment that conception occurred without problems and was brought up in a healthy and much-anticipated baby?

First of all, the future parents should be tested for infection, swabs, male sperm, the woman is to visit a gynecologist. In addition during pregnancy planning a healthy lifestyle is important not only for the mother, but also for the future of his father. The reason is easy: in order to conceive a

healthy child, you need healthy sperm. For its formation need a fully healthy body. In order to provide intending couple should think about a healthy lifestyle and begin to take the necessary in the planning of minerals and vitamins, which should recommend a doctor.

Typically, prospective parents are advised not less than six months prior to conception to start taking folic acid to reduce the risk of malformations of the neural tube and other defects. In addition to folic acid, the man needs to take doctor recommended multivitamin. Drink vitamins also need to start several months before the onset of pregnancy, as the body of the father to conception should experience a deficiency of vitamins and other nutrients. Your doctor may recommend that the man not only vitamins, but also the preparations of iodine, iron and other mineral substances, if their shortage is detected in the analyses.

3 months before conception the parents should quit Smoking and stop consuming alcohol. This is the minimum period needed to make the body free from toxins, and they ceased to affect health partners, and specifically on the sperm. Of course, as with all narcotic medications they are taking, including strong drugs. Generally, the less “chemistry” enters the body at this time, the better for the unborn child.

Healthy lifestyle and regular exercise when planning a pregnancy need not only the mother, but also the future father. Moderate exercise (e.g., running, walking, swimming) and good food, walking in the fresh air — all this is very important for sperm quality was higher.

Finally, separately, to pay attention, largely from a future father during the period of pregnancy planning depends on the state, and the mood of the expectant mother. The woman at this time is worried about the future of the child, so take care of her — as her husband. It is from the beginning of pregnancy planning in the family should be respected formula “wife bears a child, the husband carrying the wife. Just feeling the support, the help of a partner, his participation in his life and his anticipation of the baby, the expectant mother will be able to overcome fear and uncertainty before waiting for her tests. The main task of the husband at this time is to create a home atmosphere of happiness and mutual aid, in which particularly want to invite a new man — child. And then do it!

What you need for pregnancy planning

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