Other ways of coping with stress

This title sounds more than trite, but if you look at the truth, then we must admit that many of us have forgotten how to relax. Modern society does not encourage the rest – and rightly so, because he needs workaholics. And the words: “I have a year on leave to enter once” the man

says with a touch of some pride.

But perhaps no wonder all the world religions, there is the so-called day of rest. It is forbidden to engage in any worldly Affairs. This day people gives totally to God, his soul, himself. For Christians this is the day on Sunday for Jews is the Sabbath for Muslims is Friday. When a person is resting and at least temporarily relieve the burden of cares, accumulated over the past week, come into his soul rest in peace. But often the rhythm of the city is so intertwined in the us, so just relax, we do not know how. A probably – vain.

Fight fire with fire. Russian proverb

Yes, stress has detrimental effect on the human body, but why sometimes we’re looking for him, riding a roller coaster, jumping with a parachute or just putting important things until the last minute. Because in haste, “under stress” work better? And not because of stress. pleasure?

Under the influence of adrenaline, blood flow increases, and with it oxygen and glucose to the brain, and that in turn starts to produce the hormone beta-endorphin, also known as ” internal morphine. This hormone blocks the feeling of pain, increasing its blood levels in humans increases the sense of satisfaction with oneself and the world.

In addition, during a stressful situation, the brain produces another hormone – dopamine, the one that stands out in the body under the influence of drugs (particularly cocaine), and gives us the feeling of happiness. In this case, the stress effects like the influence of drugs-of euphoriants.

But the euphoria may not last forever. And here the decisive role played by physiology. After about two hours, stressful situation, the flow of oxygen and glucose to the brain is normalized, and if the stress doesn’t end for another few hours, the corresponding figures are falling below the norm – in this case, the stress begins its destructive work.

Stress and exercise

If you do physical exercise – there is no need in the use of medicines. Avicenna

According to VTSIOM this method is used by 12% of Russians.

And for good reason. Since the stress in our bodies are driven mechanisms that prepare us to intense physical stress, physical exercises are the most natural way to release pent-up energy. Physical exercises have a relaxing effect that occurs after exercise and lasts up to 2 hours. If exercise is performed regularly over a period of 7-8 weeks, they begin to exert long-term impact, allowing to increase the body’s resistance to stress.

Medicine differently explains the positive impact of physical activity on emotional state. Traditionally, when physical activity increases the level of chemicals that enhance mood. Until recently it was believed that such an effect on endorphins . nicknamed, from an easy hand of journalists, “the hormone of good mood” .

However, recently this hypothesis has been challenged by the following experiment. One group of subjects before exercise were given the drug naltrexone, which connects endorphins, thereby blocking their action. Another group of naltrexone did not. Despite the fact that after the training the level of endorphins in subjects in the first group remained at the same level, and the second was increased, it was observed the same positive impact of training on emotional state in both groups. I mean, it’s not the endorphins or not just them.

The researchers then took up the study of other substance serotonin . It should be noted that the positive effect of antidepressants of the new generation, is achieved by the increased level of serotonin. Indeed, judging by preliminary results, after exercise, the concentration of serotonin is increased. It turns out that any physical activity have effects similar to the action of modern antidepressants. If this hypothesis is confirmed, the mystery of the therapeutic effects of physical activity on the psyche and emotional state will be resolved. However, whatever the mechanism is, in the end, it is already clear that using exercise to cope with stress much easier

Stress and switching

Various ways of switching is probably the most simple method that does not require inner work, but, nevertheless, sometimes it really helps. Strange of course, but the fact remains, that this method of dealing with stress the preference of the vast majority of Russians: according to polls from the stress saved by using: TV – 46% ABV – 19% Food – 16%.

The mechanism of salvation from stress concluded in the name of the section – flip through the television channels, absorbing the alcohol, thumbing through “tabloid” the press, sending food in his mouth, wandering aimlessly around the Internet, a person just forgets about the stimuli, driving him into a state of stress and switches to something else. Of course, these methods only help for a short time – often comes later legal retribution – morning hangover for alcoholic excesses, heaviness in the stomach for overeating. Besides all of these methods by themselves cause stress, only of a different order. But this does not stop many because it is very simple ways that require no effort and the work of the soul, especially since they are so familiar.

Though, there are other, more reasonable ways of switching. As a result of one of the studies it was found that an excellent way of reducing stress is an ordinary poetry reading. About this tool knew Alexander Pushkin, who wrote in a letter to one of his friends: “Read poetry kind, clever old lady, which can sometimes go. To forget for a moment gossip, Newspapers and troubles of life, to have some fun with her sweet talking and fairy tales. “.

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