Losing weight with the help of running.

If you decided tomorrow to exercise, start with Jogging. And already after 2-3 weeks of regular workouts you will feel all the charm of this lesson and are already struggling to imagine my life without running. Regular Jogging will bring you many benefits for health .

During exercise speeds up metabolism and is spending large amounts of calories, so running is one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

In addition, there is intense saturation of the organism with oxygen,

which is very useful for healing. But the main thing is not to make mistakes. Here are the basic rules for beginners and those wishing to lose weight through running . which advises you to follow Your Sumink .

You can run at any time of day – morning Jogging will give you vitality for the whole day and evening – will help relieve fatigue and stress. But women run is recommended in the evenings, when hormone levels of physical activity as high as possible.

Right kit up for a run: from the clothes you need to choose something light and fitting shape, for example, top and bike shorts in hot weather in the summer. Select special running shoes. in this case, do not skimp on health.

In no event it is impossible to run on an empty stomach, fat folds it will not lower, and syncope may result. So about an hour before Jogging find, for example, eat oatmeal with dried fruit .

If during the run you feel thirsty, you can quench the thirst of sparkling water. Drink water before, during and after exercise.

Start the training with energetic steps, then go on a slow run. And only then develop your pace. Check out suitable you are such a load or not, focusing on your breathing – if during the run you can tell, it means that the tempo is correct. If the breathing has malfunctioned, you should immediately visit a little walk. As it is necessary and complete the training – gradually reducing the pace.

After Jogging, you can check the pulse – it should not exceed indicators of 140-150 beats per minute. If you have had higher numbers, you should slow down the pace of Jogging.

It is important to breathe correctly while running, inhale via your nose, and exhale — the mouth, the exhalation should be longer than inhalation.

Equally important is the posture – your back should be kept straight and your torso to tilt forward. Fingers clench into fists, arms bend at the elbows and move them forward — ago.

While running, you need to not touch the ground with the whole foot and heel and making a smooth transition, the next step already start with the toe.

If during the run you will stab you in the side, then reduce the pace or even go for a walk, taking deep breaths through the mouth.

If during the run you feel the heat rush to face, strengthen drinking regime — try to drink more throughout the day.

The best track for Jogging Park or forest trail. When running on asphalt or dirt road spine and joints experiencing immense stress and even possible injury. To went Jogging for health benefits, you need to choose eco-friendly space for Jogging — away from busy roads and highways. Well, if it is a forested area or other area of nature.

To start choose a route that passes through the plain. Descents and ascents – great for boosting stamina, but more suitable for sporty people.

The main thing in running is the regularity and the gradual increase of the load – pace and distance. Beginners are recommended to increase the load by no more than 10% per week. Start Jogging with duration no more than 20 minutes.

Most importantly – learn from running to have fun. Undoubtedly, you will get double the fun when you notice how helps running for weight loss . The researchers found that Jogging has a beneficial effect on the human psyche. This means that having started to run, will accompany you good mood and confidence, which sincerely wishes you Your Sumink .

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