How to spin a hula Hoop

What is a hula Hoop? The technique, the exercises, the benefits and harms

Learn how to spin a hula Hoop, write down a list of the best Hoop for weight loss to start training, following the rules from this article.

Types of hula-chopov: how to choose the right Hoop to practice

Ordinary wrap

The most common type of hula-Hoop, which became widespread in the USSR since the early 60’s and has not lost its relevance until now. Its

diameter is 95 cm, is a hollow iron or plastic

design. The Hoop is relatively easy, so suitable for beginners.

Collapsible Hoop

This improved design of ordinary hula-Hoop, which can be doubled or quadrupled. It is very convenient for those who are used to train anytime of day when I have a spare moment.

Collapsible hula-Hoop is convenient to carry, since disassembled it takes up very little space.

Weighted hula Hoop

This version of the hula-Hoop weighs up to two pounds and givesa solid load on the waist and hips during activities. The present form of the hula-Hoop should be selected if you have decided to lose those extra pounds and significantly improve the contours of the figures. But the weight of this Hoop can also be a disadvantage, because after a long workout in people with sensitive skin may appear bruised. On the other hand, when you begin to regularly rotate the Hoop, your body will get used to stress and new bruises will not appear.

Massage Hoop

The surface of the hula-Hoop has massaging elements in the form of small suction cups that will stick and come off from the skin during the rotation.

It increases blood circulation and stimulates metabolism in problem areas. There is also a kind of massage Hoop, the surface of which is mounted the rotating balls (about 30 pieces). Balls is not only massaging elements, but also a kind of weighting.

Wraps with magnets

Under the influence of magnetic fields increases the supply of oxygen to tissues and improves their blood supply. Blood and lymph are moving conductors, and weak currents occurring in them under the action of magnetic field, improve metabolism.

A Hoop with a built-in calorie counter

Will help to monitor the results of training, given the number and speed of rotation. The downside of this version of the hula-Hoop is the large error counter, which does not take into account your individual characteristics, height and weight while counting calories.


This is one of the most modern types of a Hoop made of reinforced rubber. Before training it is necessary to pump air. Due to the flexibility and the ability to take any form that the hula Hoop can not only rotate, but also to perform non-standard exercise during exercise the major muscle groups.

To have an attractive figure to remove fat from the sides and belly .

Good stretching never hurt. Find out here how to do the splits.

To find the Hoop, you need to consider the following factors:

Your complexion and physical training. If you are involved with a hula-cupom for the first time, start with light hoops – from one to one and a half kilos.

The intensity of your workouts. More than the weight of the Hoop, the more will be grueling workout. If you are already used to moderate physical activity and decided to intensify activities for greater impact, choose a hula Hoop Middleweight – up to two pounds.

The experience of teaching the hula-cupom. With good sports training and sufficient regularity of practice you will be able to go heavy on massage hoops from two to three pounds weight.

Spend the lesson with the hula-jupem in thick clothes and neoprene thermophase. Clothing protects your body from minor bumps and bruises, and the belt intensifies the fat burning.

The technique of rotation of the hula-Hoop

Picking up a hula-Hoop, a newbie will ask a question and how to spin a hula Hoop. The answer is simple:

Starting position: stand straight, spread your feet shoulder-width apart. Distribute the weight on both feet evenly, socks and expand. The Hoop needs to be kept at waist level. Then release it and the movements of the hips and waist make it spin. When put into work the entire body, designed to involve different muscle groups.

Training intensity should increase from workout to workout. Only regular practice will help you to get a tangible result. Pick up the intensity in proportion to your efforts, as it is better to do 3-5 times a week workout for 10 minutes, than one a week, but the whole hour. Time constraints and fatigue should not interfere with the occupation, even very short. If you force yourself to spin a hula Hoop after a hard working day, it will bring much more benefit, because the mobilization of the body will cost him the loss of excess weight. Besides long-term training after a period of inactivity can be harmful to health.

Warning! Hula hoops – contraindications

Overload the muscles of the abdominals can be dangerous for women during pregnancy. immediately after birth and in the critical days. If you firmly entered the classes with a Hoop in his regime, and want to save both health and a useful habit, ask the advice of your doctor.

Also any competent doctor will tell you to stop training after severe leg injuries, neck and back. Spin the Hoop can be very nice, especially when the body asks for it – just be vigilant.

You cannot spin a hula Hoop if you have severe foot injuries, neck and back

The best exercises with a hula-cupom

Warming warm-up, the best place Hoop with massage. To start the exercise for the Hoop is taken with both hands and do forward bends, keeping your back as straight as possible. Such movements increase the flexibility of waist. Also take a series of turns to the side, rolling the Hoop on the back. Massage will relax the muscles of the waist, and will help you to control them – just like the hot better clay obeys the hand of a young sculptor.

This exercise is fundamental to practice with hula-cupom. You all know him, and at least once in your life were trying. Wear a Hoop and stand in the starting position, then let go, starting to turn to the sides of the hips, following the direction of rotation. When the rotation Hoop leave no doubt in the fact that you’re holding him back, raise your hands up and try to catch up. Try to make various movements during rotation, speed it up and more strain the muscles.

Effective exercises-fat burners: during the rotation of the Hoop for weight loss strain the muscles of the lower abdomen and place your feet in an alternating back lunges. Do not forget to keep her slender back, not shrink from using hand – this is very important, as you do when running. Through these exercises most of the muscles of the body are activated and weight loss is greatly accelerated.

Appeared the cellulite. Find out here how to remove cellulite on butt.

Preserving equilibrium with the Hoop is excellent and is not an easy exercise, because to fulfill his need, standing on one leg. Balance the hands, and do the bending forward and backward without losing the hula-Hoop. Such training strengthens the vestibular system, allows you to learn to control several groups of muscles at once and separately from each other. After any other exercise with hula-cupom will become much easier.

Take a deep breath, spreading their arms and lifting them up. Exhaling, relax your hands and let them fall – such movements they contribute to the expansion and contraction of the chest, helping you to breathe more deeply. This preventive sports breathing helps to relax and strengthens the lungs and heart.

Not classified as exercise, but great tone and correct figure dancing with a Hoop held during the classes. If around you have enough free space – don’t just stand there, dance actively, confidently moving the hips and hands.

By the way, thanks quick weight loss in problem areas, wrap need to turn not only to women, although it is believed that this is the “female” workout. Men wishing to get rid of beer belly, you can use a hula-Hoop.


Be sure to remember that any physical exercise must be combined with eating only healthy food.

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