How to prepare for cross-country competitions

In this review I will talk about books and online resources devoted to training programmes to different cross-country competitions.


Your first marathon

On the eve of the first marathon I have, like any beginner, one concern is succeeded by another. Do those foods that provide catering? When I run into a wall and what to do with it? How to drink water, and how much of Sotnikov? And in the process of preparing the questions were many. The answers I got from other books at the time, but they were not always focused on a simple finish in the marathon, without taking notice of the result — and this is exactly what you need for the first test.

New book on marathon for fans who dream to beat this magical distance — a great gift for those who Amateur runner and gradually increases its maximum distance and thinking about the marathon, and for those who just set a goal to run a marathon “just because he exists” or for other purposes (charity, search of new emotions in my life and anything else) and still has basic training or even no.

This book will be enough to get the answers to most questions, plan preparation and finish in the marathon. Don’t have to seek out useful information from contradictory messages forums, and try to choose the appropriate plan from several books.

Titled and experienced the Grete Waitz explains why you need to run and says that the marathon is not so much physical suffering and pain, how bright the emotional experience that may change their lives forever. And answers most questions that arise in the future marathoner. Do I need to run 42 miles in one workout before the marathon to ensure a successful finish? How to choose shoes? Will the weights on the training? In which city to run first marathon? What to eat during a marathon?

What book? In order to successfully complete my first marathon without any major mistakes and with a decent time. And then, changed forever and ill marathon run (it almost certainly will happen, no doubt), it will be possible to improve the results (for that we’ll need other books from this review, for example, From 800 m to marathon).

Running with Legarda

This book motivates, and educates. After reading I was so impressed by the benefits that is running for health, that a few days later ran 15 km in a single run — at that time it was a record! If you want your friend into running (or easy hobby turned into a passion), give him this book — it is checked up, works.

In the first part of the book the great popularizer Jogging Arthur Lydiard explains how Jogging affects health and why running is better push UPS, gym and doctors of medicine. For lovers of Jogging there are different levels of training for competitions at a distance of 10 to 21 kilometers.

The second part of the book is devoted to the run: exercise physiology, different types of workouts, the importance of warm-UPS and cool-downs, the selection of clothing and footwear, nutrition and hydration, injury and treatment. To those partitions you’ll be coming back regularly — the book can be used as a Desk and refer to it when you have questions during the training.

Training programs for different distances, different ages and separately for men and women, girls and boys. There are programs and for cross-country running, and running with obstacles. And in marathon plan is a list of recommendations for newcomers to the marathon — they will help to avoid serious mistakes in the first marathon.

What book? For motivation and learning the basics of running in all aspects.

From 800 meters to the marathon

Serious and fundamental book, based on the experience of one of the best coaches in the world. It is hardly suitable as a motivational gift to someone who has not got into running seriously, unlike other books from this review. This book is for runners of any level who wants to make your own training plan.

The first part of the book is devoted to the principles of exercise and physiological reactions to training, sports uniform criteria and rules planning for the season. Daniels describes the main factors for success in running (innate ability, motivation, opportunity and guidance); basic principles of training (e.g., specific load gives a specific result, and the impact of training decreases with time); the parameters characterizing the cardiovascular system and how they respond to the load.

In the second part of the book describes the types of workouts: easy and long run, marathon pace, threshold, interval, repeat the workout. Finally, the third part of the plans, fitness training, and the fourth plans to prepare for the competition (the range of distances – in the name of the publication).

Many runners known unusual tip Jack Daniels — “to Accelerate and not slow down on the marathon, if it became difficult to run, which is contrary to intuition and common sense, but often works, confirming the wisdom and experience of a great coach.

What book? In order to understand how the body responds to exercise, how to workout and seasonal plans to successfully participate in that competition, which you have planned.

Online resources

The resource forms the plan of preparation for the competition at a set distance. For preparation of the plan need to enter your gender, age, current result at a given distance. The resulting plan will include several cycles: the preparation, trial race, the decline, in fact the race and recovery. Subjectively, it seems that the volumes are still insufficient to meet the goal, but nothing prevents to increase the volume or the number of workouts, if the time and effort to be missed.

The advantage of this site is that the plans are free and require registration.

Training plans from manufacturers inventory

If you are running a clock or applications (Polar, Garmin, Runtastic, MiCoach, etc.), you can use the training plans from the manufacturer of the device/software. The big advantage will be that you will be able to track the progress of the training plan and not have to keep a diary of your own in Excel or on paper.

This service supports the import workout data from other systems (e.g., Polar) or from Excel, allows you to track mileage running shoes (if you use multiple pairs), upload your workout results to Facebook or blog.

On the Runner’s World  there are paid plans (e.g., training plan for a marathon – $29), but very detailed – an example of one training week demonstrates. You can use the free service Smart Coach, which generates a plan at a certain distance by the following parameters: distance, current result, planned weekly mileage and level of difficulty. You can even choose the day that you will perform in the long run. The resulting plan will be concise: date, type of workout, distance and pace.

Training programmes on the of marathons

If you have registered at any major marathon, a training programme can be rented on its website. She will be focused on the fact that you have reached the optimal form to the date of the race. Usually presented plans of different levels.

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