How to choose an elliptical trainer for home

Elliptical ( ellipsoidal) simulators combine the advantages of two popular exercise equipment: treadmill and stepper, simulating walking up the stairs. The main advantage that elliptical trainers for home — it’s the workout of all major muscle groups simultaneously. Workout at home elliptical trainers will perfectly strengthen your respiratory and cardiovascular system, improve endurance and help to lose weight.

Getting their first training and thinking about what to buy the equipment for home, the first thing to attend to their safety. After you choose a

home trainer in order to improve their health and not to get injured. If you are really interested in the reliability and safety of the simulator for the home, the choice in favor of the elliptical trainer are obvious! All elliptical trainers Life Fitness have a unique design, thanks to which injury during exercise is almost impossible: soft and resilient coating the pedals and handles, adjustable stride length, anatomically strategically placed pedals, polished and fluid trajectory movements — Life Fitness exercise equipment has everything for your comfort and security.

In the online store of Life Fitness ( life fitness) you can buy an elliptical trainer for home, which will allow you to train any intensity at the highest level of comfort.

In General, elliptical trainers for the home are divided into two main categories – front-wheel and rear-wheel drive.

Front-drive elliptical cross trainers — a fairly recent invention. Flywheel and drive system ( transmission) are located in these simulators in the front. This leads to the fact that the corps trainee, you’ll be in a more upright position, which affects the elliptical path of motion. Elliptical trainers with front-wheel drive are ideal for athletes of any height, but they are ideal for high so as to allow to hit my knees on the frame of the simulator ( which is a common complaint of tall people when doing the rear wheel drive machines).

The rear-wheel elliptical cross-trainers flywheel and transmission are at the rear. Therefore, during training, the simulator recreates the same trajectory, what usually happens when running — with a slight forward lean. In addition, elliptical trainers of this type are usually fitted with a special platform for the feet. It gives more room for movement and provides the ability to change the position of the body during the workout.

Since all people have different running style to figure what type of trainer is right for you. only need to try once in action front – and rear-drive elliptical trainer for the home.

Another global distinction elliptical trainers — the type of food. Elliptical trainers are mechanical, magnetic, or electromagnetic.

Mechanical elliptical trainer for the home is driven by muscle power training. This simulator is characteristic of the uneven load, which is not a very favorable deistvuut on knee joints. Magnetic trainers create the load due to the permanent magnets that move around the flywheel and thus regulate the load. In such a system, the uneven load is almost non-existent. Furthermore, the magnetic Ellipticals are superior to mechanical Ranieri on a number of parameters: low noise, smooth running and durability of use. All these facilities are available with a magnetic braking system.

Elliptical trainers are electromagnetic type have an electromagnetic braking system. They therefore have an important advantage — a programmable load. It is very convenient — it remains only to define the parameters, enter the desired result, and the computer selects the required load.

Also, when choosing an elliptical trainer for your home, you should pay special attention to the adjustment step width. This feature is invaluable if you want to do on the simulator with the whole family. Another important option — the computer built into the console of the simulator. If you will be able to save personal settings, to run a race against virtual opponents, to constantly monitor the heart rate and much more. To purchase this elliptical trainer is better than the model without electronic assistance. With the help of a computer console, you will be able to control their sport at the level of a professional trainer and faster to reach the desired results.

A series of elliptical exercise machines for home Life Fitness was created with the maximum number of user requirements. Their desires and needs into the design of each machine. The result was a line of intuitively simple to operate, dynamic and effective fitness machines that are technologically superior to date any equivalents. Ergonomic design significantly increased the effectiveness of your workout. Electronic system control apparatus, the display changes in real time, built-in entertainment centers fully involved user in the training process.

Select for your training elliptical trainer for Life Fitness home and the results will exceed your expectations!

If you decide to choose and buy exercise equipment for the home, in particular, elliptic, contact our experts and decide what kind of model on elliptical trainers Life Fitness (life fitness) is right for you.

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