How to choose an elliptical trainer

Ellipticals . which in everyday life are called Ellipticals . gaining more and more popularity not just. This simulator is really one of the best options for home use as cardio. This kind of physical activity is not only useful for strengthening the heart muscle, but is the best way to lose weight.

Magnet or mechanics?

Today, there are three main types of elliptical exercise machines — mechanical (belt), magnetic (magnetic belt) and electromagnetic.

Without going into complicated technical descriptions, which are in the network, say that the best option in terms of price/quality for home use are magnetic trainers .

Mechanical units are much cheaper, but their reliability is disproportionately lower faster they break down, the more noisy compared to magnetic.

Electromagnetic simulators are more advanced, but they are classified as professional, and therefore are expensive, and the dimensions for an average apartment, to put it mildly, big.

User weight

Each model has its own weight limit . so you need to think in advance who will be engaged on the simulator, and select the unit, depending on the weight of the user.

It is worth remembering that the producers really indicate the maximum allowable weight . But when it comes to home models simulators, it is better to subtract from this figure of 20 pounds. The fact is that if you use the elliptical trainer regularly with the maximum weight load, it will quickly fail.

The size of the elliptical

Choosing an elliptical trainer for use in an apartment or small house, is to think in advance where he will stand . Measure the free space given the fact that the simulator will not work to deliver against the wall, and on this basis choose the model that on the sizes “fit” in the selected location.

Try not to choose the smallest models, since the smaller the simulator, so it is usually less stable.


The load level in the elliptical trainer is the resistance of the pedals” when driving. The more load, the more effort you need to exert, and the more worked muscles faster and achieves the target heart rate.

Distinguish between mechanical or electronic load regulation:

Mechanical control is most often used in low-end models of Ellipticals. This is a fairly simple and intuitive option, but if you plan interval training, it would not be very easy to manually change the load, or have to work only with change of speed.

Electronic adjustment is usually present in high-end models of elliptical trainers, and if finances permit, it is definitely better to choose this type. Ideally, if there is an option to choose a preset program loads or own program conduct training. For beginners, these features are not very important, but the equipment is not so cheap thing to change it after a few months of training.

Heart rate monitor

Also note the presence of the elliptical heart rate monitor . since the pulse is the basic and most important parameter when using cardio equipment. If the built-in heart rate monitor, you will either have to buy it extra, or take the pulse manually, which is very distracting from the process.

Removable velocigene

The presence of removable velocigene elliptical trainers is not as common. Its usefulness is questionable . since the pedals of the elliptical trainer are very different from the pedals of the exercise bike. In other words, twist them is not so convenient due to the absence of fixation straps. Therefore, to draw any significant attention when choosing that aspect is not worth it.

Noise elliptical trainer

If you will be able to engage only at a time when the family are asleep, you should choose the model, the most silent. Be sure to check available reviews if this criterion is important to you, as inexpensive models can be silent only for a very short period of time after purchase due to poor quality. It’s also worth noting that the mechanical elliptical trainers create significantly more noise than magnetic.

Stride length

Stride length is one parameter on which customers usually pay less attention, and completely in vain. This is especially critical for people with above-average growth.

The best option would be step length is 45 inches . If less, then you have more likely to bounce than gently and smoothly slide while driving. Because of this, the legs will get tired faster, and this fatigue is not a sign of good coaching.

Also, pay attention to the concept of Q-factor . which implies the distance between the pedals of the elliptical. Than it already, those will be the more physiological position of the legs.


Choosing an elliptical trainer, try to make it so that you had the opportunity to test it. Even taking into account all the subtleties described above, subjective feelings are very important.

Absolutely identical on the technical parameters of models from different manufacturers will differ ergonomics, form supports for the feet, position of handles, and a variety of other things. Only standing on the elliptical and tried to move for at least half a minute you can understand which one will be more convenient for you.


The trainer may have included some useful and pleasant things, like the holder for the water bottle . mount for MP3 player and other “chips”, but to draw attention to their presence is only if you accept all the main points described above. Still elliptical trainer — this is primarily a workhorse, not a way to entertain themselves.

Warranty and service

On average, the warranty on the machines is from 1 to 3 years . Guarantee less than this period should alert the buyer. In addition, be sure to clarify the availability of service centers nearby or at least within your town, because sending such a large unit can be very difficult.

And remember the most important thing — it is better to have an inexpensive model, but to exercise and become healthier than indulging in a simulator for the reason that most-not to buy it. In fact, the key is movement, and what unit are you in, is a secondary matter.

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