How to choose a treadmill for the house

Treadmill . perhaps the most optimal variant of cardio all available, if we talk about the fight against obesity. Scientifically and practically proven that more fat burning aerobics in standing position. She makes you work large muscle groups, and therefore the power consumption is quite high. From this point of view a treadmill more preferable than any other cardio equipment.

Modern treadmills come in two types: mechanical and electrical.

Motorized treadmill – the most simple and cheap home treadmills. There is no motor that causes the belt to move. On a mechanical treadmill running belt moves the athlete. Accordingly, the running speed he sets himself. The load of the motor of the treadmill can be changed manually by rotating adjustment wheel. But the effectiveness of the training on mechanical treadmill is sharply reduced when the user starts to get tired – after all, he can not scroll the treadmill tracks with the same effort throughout the workout, even if the load is in the lowest position. In addition, all mechanical treadmills have a fairly narrow belt that is not conducive to a comfortable full run. The conclusion is that – mechanical treadmill can join You for the walk or for just a leisurely run.

Electric treadmill – even the simplest, will give You at least one advantage. How would You not tired, the treadmill electric treadmill will move at a constant preset speed. This advantageous position electric treadmill – this change of the angle of incline. This handy and useful option have almost all electric treadmills, except for some models that are low cost in its segment.

About the level of electric treadmill say several factors – this is, firstly, the engine power (measured in horsepower), and secondly, a sufficient width of the walking belt (it determines the comfort of running) and finally, the maximum user weight capacity this treadmill. The amount is recorded and the maximum possible speed and maximum angle of incline, which can issue treadmill.

Very important role is played cushioning system of this type of simulator. Typically, this wooden base (DECA), which absorbs the shocks of the foot against the canvas. Some latest model electric treadmills have rubber cushions or extension of the shock absorbers. Exactly cushioning system the treadmill reduces the impact load on the spine and joints. When running on asphalt or any other hard surface, this load much more!

Inexpensive, relatively simple, electric treadmills have a few (about 5) built-in programs and give the user data such as speed, workout time, distance, pulse and calorie consumption. Moreover, the results of measuring heart rate and calories burned are not accurate. Often the price of the treadmill also depends on the number of additional, built-in programs, allowing you to enter physical information about the user to program interval workouts different load and tempo depending on gender, weight, age, heart rate of the user.

Choosing an electric treadmill, first, should pay attention to the power of the engine, which should be (for a comfortable workout) not less than 2 l/s. Find the magnitude of the “peak” of engine power. What is a “peak power”? In the moment when athlete’s foot occurs on the moving belt, the electric motor of the treadmill in no time (hundredths of seconds) responds to this load and increases for a moment the power that makes the canvas to slow down under the weight of the athlete. The magnitude of this “peak” power may be 1.5-2 times the original power of the engine. Well, the more this is the power, the greater can be the weight of the user and the longer the treadmill.

And, most importantly, do not worry that treadmill, set at home “eats” a great piece of useful living space. Immediately after the training, You can easily set the treadmill in a vertical position, and a place that will take Your treadmill, on the square, it will turn out hardly more than 1 sqm

But if You decide to buy a treadmill , it is still comfortable for workouts, you need to allocate space with reserve – approximately 1 m on each side. If this electric treadmill, it is better to leave the rear seats even more. Why? Simply, if during the class, You, God forbid, will fall on a moving treadmill belt, it certainly will be disabled automatically (if You use primepack from the security key). But stop the walking belt electric simulator can not happen instantly. And then it goes to Your set speed will throw You back. So make sure that behind Your favorite electric treadmill nothing, and the distance to the wall stuff. Just in case…

So, mechanical track You gave my mother so at least she went a little more, and finally decided to buy a good electric treadmill – powerful with long running belt, with the greatest angle of elevation. The first and foremost warning: do not stand on the belt of his electric treadmill while you run. Its engine can burn when you run, if he has to pull off from the place Your weight. Be on the sidewalls electric treadmill and run the engine. The moving belt of the treadmill to move at minimum speed (0.5 to 1 km/h), and we only need to start the walk. But during the movement of the walking belt can safely becoming on him.

Lightly press the touch buttons on the computer electric treadmill, increase the speed of the walking belt to calm 3-5 km/h. and begin to get pleasure from your trainer. A little warmed up, increase the speed of the walking belt, and at a speed of about 6-6. 5 km/h. go to easy running. Legs are doing useful work – they bring Your body to perfection.

And we can only wish You a pleasant jog and present sporting mood!

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