Gym sessions 5 rules of success

Whatever new trends and sports was in Vogue, special place among the variety of ways to maintain physical fitness is still fitness. The number of fans is growing steadily from year to year. This is not surprising: a subscription to a fitness club – perhaps the easiest and shortest way to a toned figure and great mood.

Training in the gym allow you to build the right muscles, lose weight and eliminate problem areas, to raise the General tone of the body. They do not require special physical training and “submissive” to people of any age and


Doesn’t matter, you have come to the fitness club to get the body of your dreams or simply to energize and strengthen your body; whether you will engage with an instructor or on your own. To the fitness club brought only joy and in any case did not turn muscle pain and disappointment in your abilities, you should follow a few simple General rules.

Rule 1: Training needs to be constant

One of the main conditions of success is constancy of training. In the gym you need weekly to devote time, and it is best to stick to a certain schedule. If you engage in fits and starts, a couple times a month, and then try to catch up, doing several days in a row, desired beautiful figure you will gain soon. It is recommended to plot the graph so that a week was from two to four workouts, it is possible to combine training in the gym with fitness exercises at home – in any case, try to make between classes took place no more than two days.

Rule 2: Increase the load gradually

The constancy of training should be combined with a gradual increase of loads, because the main secret of fitness – fun exercises. Initially, the load should be small, the weight of the shells is minimal. First workout should last no more than 30 minutes; every exercise you need to perform 10-15 times so that different muscle groups are developed gradually, getting used to unfamiliar work. After the set of two or three exercises, give yourself a little rest for 2-5 minutes.

Rule 3: Mandatory condition – warm up

“Cold” muscles need to be prepared for intensive work, making a few light exercises to warm up. So you can avoid muscle damage and make workouts more effective. Typically, the duration of the warm-up is 10-15 minutes, during which performed simple exercises for the shoulder girdle, squatting, bending. Alternatively, you can warm up on the treadmill or stationary bike, and then perform the approaches to the weights.

Rule 4: choose appropriate equipment

It would seem a trifle, but it is of great importance for successful practice. It is recommended that gym clothes were made from natural fabrics or synthetic materials, but with the addition of cotton – this garment is highly breathable and moisture, which is important under extreme stresses. To quickly warm up the muscles of the feet, wear socks, which will serve as a beautiful accessory. Girls with larger busts should wear a special sports bra for maximum support of the chest muscles during exercise. To practice the right sports shoes – lightweight running shoes or gym shoes. Today in the collections of almost all famous sports brands have a line of fitness – so you can’t go wrong!

Rule 5: Follow the right diet

The main rule in the gym is to eat at least two hours before and one hour after training. An hour before the workout is not recommended to drink coffee, tea or alcohol, and Smoking. During exercise you should drink water, but little by little – a maximum of three small SIPS after each set, no more often than every five minutes. Stick to healthy eating habits, and pay attention to fresh vegetables and fruits, bread and cereals of grain, wholemeal, low-fat cheeses, fish and meat.

Remember that the main thing when training at the gym – gradualism and moderation, and of course, a positive attitude. And the desired results will not keep itself waiting long.

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