Exercise equipment for weight loss

The problem of excess weight is familiar to many women. Some prefer to solve this problem with diets, while others opt for exercises, and some exercise equipment for weight loss.

Today there are many different simulators where you can engage in fitness clubs and at home. Of course, a variety of exercise equipment in fitness clubs a lot more, but to do at home much more comfortable and more economical. But then the question arises, what exercise would suit you best. Try to understand and choose the most suitable option for you.

Exercise equipment for weight loss

In General, all of the simulators can be divided into two types: cardio and weight. If you want to strengthen the muscles, choose a strength training and weight loss you will need a cardio equipment. These include the stationary bike, treadmill, stepper, rowing and elliptical trainers.

How to choose a trainer for weight loss

Choosing a trainer, pay attention to the following performance criteria .

First, the more muscle will use the treadmill, the more calories we burn, which means that classes will be more effective.

Secondly, deep breathing during exercise indicates the active oxygen which helps to burn fat cells. Therefore, choosing the simulator, evaluate them according to these parameters.

Trainer for weight loss – stepper

Stepper is one of the most popular home exercise equipment, because it is quite compact, inexpensive and easy to use trainer. It simulates walking on steps, allowing us to lose weight step by step. The stepper can be equipped with a step counter, time, heart rate and adjustment of the load.

To do it very simple, just 20 minutes a day and soon you will see the first results. However, if you practice only a small percentage of muscles, movements are of small amplitude, and breathing is not too deep. Thus, we can conclude that the stepper is not the most effective trainer for weight loss.

Trainer for losing weight with an exercise bike

An exercise bike is a versatile tool to lose weight and maintain good physical shape. With it, you will be able to strengthen the legs and buttocks, and increase the endurance of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Workout on the exercise bike give more severe stress than the Steppers. But if you choose a bike, keep in mind that during the class you will sit, and therefore burning calories will not happen as effectively.

This simulator is ideal for those who do not like too heavy load. But it is not for people with weak spine and after injuries in the lumbar region. The exercises should be done in a couple of hours after eating or one hour before eating.

Trainer for weight loss – “rowing”

Has recently become popular rowing machine for weight loss. During the lessons involve almost all the muscles, actively ventilated lungs, there is an intense fat-burning process, strengthens the cardiovascular system. Motion that simulates rowing, allow stretching of the muscles, improve flexibility of the spine, so the rowing machine is very useful for those suffering from degenerative disc disease.

To do it quite easy and interesting. But since the main burden falls on the shoulder belt, this machine is best suited to women with type figure “Pear”, and owners figure “Hourglass” and “Inverted triangle” it is better to abandon rowing, figure can grow disproportionately.

Trainer for weight loss – treadmill

Treadmill is one of the most effective exercise machines for weight loss. During exercise activated the maximum number of muscles, and breathing becomes very deep. Besides, a treadmill allows you to make classes varied by changing the intensity from walking to fast running. The effectiveness of the treadmill compared to the stepper and exercise bike are much higher, but the treadmill is not suitable for lazy, will have to work hard to lose weight.

Trainer for weight loss – “ellipsoid”

Elliptical trainers is also quite effective type of sports equipment. My favorite trainer is not monotonically, time flies faster than when running. During the lessons actively burns calories, strengthens the respiratory and the cardiovascular system, strengthens the muscles of the legs and buttocks. The efficiency of these machines is comparable to the efficiency of the treadmill, but still they are slightly inferior to her. But engage them much easier and safer for the joints of the feet.

Regardless of the type of the selected trainer to lose weight, try exercising regularly and watch your diet. Because the post workout feeling of hunger may be heavier, more importantly, encourage your appetite. Also try not to eat an hour before and after training.

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