Ellipticheskii trainer for weight loss

You can lose weight doing at home to Keep the body in perfect shape without practice is impossible. However, at the thought of having to regularly visit the gym confidence in their own decision slowly melts.

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How to lose weight on the elliptical trainer: recommendations

To practice is not as important as the intensity of how much regularity.

To achieve the effect can only be persistent.

In this case, the body becomes accustomed to regular loads and will cease to accumulate excess resources in working muscles. Moreover, all coming from the food energy will be spent and not be transformed into unwanted centimeters.

In the beginning, of course, you should buy an elliptical trainer: weight loss program is made after.

You should also be prepared to spend at least 3-4 workouts a week. To achieve the desired effect can be, if you follow the rule to do at least 40 minutes daily.

As soon as it has begun to practice many girls tend to lose weight as quickly as possible, so always increase the load. However, it should be understood that the best result is achieved for several months.

It is important to use an elliptical trainer – weight-loss results will not keep itself waiting. But to exceed cardio as a result of too intensive training is very simple.

To get started is to choose the level at 50-60% of normal heart rate. As a result, during the lesson, you can lose anywhere from 300-400 Calories.

Going to buy an elliptical trainer for weight loss: advantages

Often women think long, and whether such acquisition of funds spent. And then, after weighing all the “pros” and “cons”, make a purchase.

Because the merits of home weight training.

The advantages of the elliptical trainer:

even load distribution

simultaneous operation of all muscles

no load on the knee joint

prevention of the cardiovascular system

the ability to adjust the intensity of training.

The combination of these qualities explains why among all those who are watching their figure so popular elliptical trainer: lose weight with it elementary.

Regular exercises help to bring the body in shape and don’t require much time. In addition, through the house, no need to carve out a moment to get to sportgala.

Doubt does an elliptical trainer to lose weight? In this case, You just need to present the effectiveness of your workout, allowing you to spend up to 400 kcal.

Naturally, during the active classroom, it is important to adhere to proper diet. Otherwise, all the calories will immediately be compensated by the “light” snack.

Losing weight with the help of elliptical trainer: the rules of power

The most optimal are considered a morning workout on an empty stomach. In this case, the body consumes more energy.

And as for the night all the food had time to digest, then it works with fatty deposits. However, this approach has numerous contraindications for health reasons, so it is best to consult a doctor.

Normal to start training is 2 hours after the last meal. Also optimally adjust your diet in front of her.

Food should be light and healthy: protein and vegetables. From carbohydrates should be abandoned.

Adhering to these rules is easily seen that the elliptical trainer helps to lose weight everyone who aspires to it.

It is important during training to constantly monitor the posture. Pulling the belly you train your muscles and they get used to the correct position.

You also can not walk on the toes even in the case of extreme fatigue. As noted by all the happy owner of this machine, elliptical trainer and weight loss and health.

So still thinking about whether to acquire, we can safely discard any doubt. Slim figure is worth it.

Elliptical trainer for weight loss. review expert

Home elliptical trainer is a good choice if exercise for weight loss. It is less demanding on the health of the joints than a treadmill and allows to obtain comparable cardio, and fits most people.

But there are things that ellipse will not be able to do for you:

radical changes in figures like increase in the volume of the gluteal muscles, build press with six cubes, transformations, slouching back in a proud posture not happening on the cardio equipment, no matter how cool they may be.

For such results you have to combine strength training and cardio, and the priority should be first, not second;

no, even hour daily workout is not able to eliminate the consequences of careless or excessive diet.

Fizkulturnitsa with average physical training is just not able to burn 400-500 calories per hour on this machine, as well as any of the other zone “cardio”.

To “burn more” need, sorry to be able really fast and long to run, and this is a skill from the category of professional sports, not “fitness”.

Notorious 400-500 kcal, it is, for example, 2 extra servings of salad dressings with useful vegetable oil, 1 very useful grain bread, and a couple of not less healthy, but quite small apples.

You know, the old adage about the fact that no training can not “burn through” a bad diet, still working; in reality, people quickly get tired of monotonous cardio.

Only special character allows years to achieve the same aerobic exercise and not be weary of this fact. If you like variety, better not to buy yourself a home trainer, but just to enroll in a fitness center.

There is an elliptical machine for every taste, and more – sea group aerobic classes in case you get used to it or bored.

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