Correct head position when performing squats with a barbell will allow you to avoid injury.

This is the best exercise for legs, but this is not the most safe or just safe.

Here only it is not necessary to understand my words like: Squats with a barbell on the shoulders one of the best leg exercises, but very dangerous and it is better to remove from the training program. ‘m going to do from the database only the bench press and deadlift”. No! In any case it cannot

be removed, if you want not only good exercise, but also to achieve impressive results in bodybuilding. The more that the feet are the large amounts of muscles and could increase the level of testosterone in the body.

Yes it is dangerous, but the danger is performed improperly, and as a result the injury.

Conclusion: squat with a barbell on the shoulders, perhaps, the best exercise for legs, but for safe training without injury it is necessary to understand the technique of implementation.

In this article I will not describe the whole process of squats with weights, and will pay attention to such seemingly insignificant, but actually very important nuance as the position of the head during the execution of the movement. But remember the main rules perform squats.

The basic rules of performing squats with a barbell on the shoulders:

Feet set at shoulder width or slightly wider

Socks are deployed, approximately. 45 degrees, but the main thing that was convenient

Back perfectly straight, no rounding

The abdominal muscles and the chest filled with air, supported deflection

The neck rod is placed not on the neck and on the shoulders, and a little further on trapeze

The pelvis while squatting moves ago

Feet from the floor not open

On the floor rested the heels and squat on them

The knees should always look on the toe and not go forward as a conventional vertical from socks

The gaze is directed in front of him

Rise up start with the head, as if someone begins to raise his head.

Now offering a little to reflect (reflection on what you read, it helps better to learn) and to determine which of these factors, proper squats with a barbell on your shoulders is the most important. After I advise you to read about how you need to do and why do we need to pull the upper block .

There is no doubt, nor compliance with any of these rules increases the likelihood of injury. But each moment has its own degree of importance.

And as you can it seem strange, but the greatest level of importance in this exercise gets a headache.

Scientific research in the field of power sports show that in ensuring the safety of the lower back while squatting, the position of the head is a critical factor.

For the experiment we selected several groups of athletes: the first group was squatted, looking at the floor, the second group looked at the ceiling, the third group of athletes during squats looked straight ahead.

For analysis identified the following indicators:

bending angle of the hip joints

the slope of the spine in the lower part.

The higher was the performance of those values, the higher the risk of injury to the lower back during the exercise.

Studies have shown that the most dangerous is the position of the head tilted down. Athletes performing squats with the position of the head to the floor, got bending angle of the hip joint above 8%, and the slope of the spine above 2%.

But what is the position of the head be considered as absolutely correct: look straight ahead or up at the ceiling, scientists have not been able to establish.

In any case, you now probably know that when you perform squats with a barbell, avoid lower back injuries, it is impossible to look at the floor. In addition, you need to control the technique of execution of sit-UPS and special attention needs to obtain the position of the head.

But whatever it was, yet scientists recommend to send the sight in front of him. This is because scoring chin too high can lead to stretching of the neck muscles, and in this position it is possible to lose balance.

Successful training and desired results. Factor Sports.

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