Centre dance

And mother and coach, and I was sure that ballroom dancing is for me – for life. But I did not think that everything will change… I had to drop classes in ballroom dancing for a number of certain reasons… I was very upset, but luckily I saw the announcement of a set in groups of Oriental dance and decided, why not! I can’t dance I can’t, so I have to try.

After the first performances of Oriental dance, I realized that the “East” has charmed me completely… I Want to see that on any statement, I was not worried as before!

Also there is another point in my life that introduced me and fell in love with another kind of dancing. Once I got to school in a strip dance. These classes have changed my attitude to myself, made my body more flexible and plastic.

For more than 5 years I have been doing these two kinds of dance.

During study at school I played almost all school concerts and competitions. So in the 11th grade at the city competition of children and youth creativity took 3rd place in the nomination “Choreography”.

Enrolling in Chernihiv national pedagogical University. Taras Shevchenko the faculty, participate in concerts and competition, held at the University.

Speaking specifically about Oriental dance, it attracts me because it is one of the most exotic dances. This dance shows that a woman can be beautiful in the physical body that it has, with the ability to manage it. No wonder Eastern wisdom says that there are only three things you can watch forever: the starry sky, a blazing fire and a dancing woman.

When I first started to do belly dance – I thought that this style is very monotonous… But it was not there, as it turned out there are more than 50 species of Oriental dance. I was surprised, and began to slowly discover these styles…

Now I dance and perfected in such styles as :

– Raks Sharki ,or classical belly dance

– tribal

– Baladi

So now I am learning is a trend in East dances, Indian dance. I really like this style. I hope soon in the classroom we are dealing with will dancing dancing under the fiery Indian motifs.

I love to cook productions like belly dance show and dance with a shawl, with candles, cymbals, sword and dagger.

As for a strip of plastic, then it’s very simple. This style had me fall in love femininity, elegance, a hint of subtle eroticism and seduction in dance. In the classroom we teach the General principles of the technique of strip-plastics, say goodbye to unwanted complexes, learn to experiment…

During exercise uses elements of jazz, modern, contemporary choreography, stretching, exercises for development of flexibility and plasticity of the body.

In dancing, my main motto is: “Want – dance. Don’t want – hoti”

Following this motto, I lesson for occupation honed movement, improving the plasticity, flexibility, clarity and ease of movement!

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