About the benefits of swimming

We all know the undoubted benefits of swimming. In addition to General strengthening of the body, it also develops all groups of muscles. Life originated in water, so this environment is relaxing and comfortable. Further in the article we will focus on the use of water treatment and where not far from Kazan to swim in open water.

Swimming strengthens all organs and systems, especially cardiovascular.

The use of water for human is relaxation, almost everyone has experienced this feeling after water treatment.

During the voyage, and during any other physical activity, in the blood, a large amount of endorphins, so after swimming you can have a whole day to accompany a great mood, as well, will be able to cope better with stress.

The process of swimming causes a relaxing effect “massage”, due to the fact that the body is flown with water. This kind of “massage” is able to induce pleasant emotions and make the skin more elastic. With regular practice, will improve slouch, your stomach will become fit. The figure will become more attractive. Water resistance while swimming will greatly benefit those who are overweight, because any movement in the water – this action with force. This will contribute to excess weight loss.

In addition to relaxation swimming helps in combating various ailments.

For example, taking up swimming, you leave the pain in the spine and joints, lower blood pressure. Therefore, if you are concerned about such problems, then by all means sign up for the pool. Swimming increases the elasticity of blood vessels. It is worth noting that swimming is one of the safest kinds of exercise, because all movements in the water “smooth”, and the risk of injury is minimal. Thanks to this voyage can be included in the list of ideal physical exercise during rehabilitation after injuries.

Swimming helps in fighting insomnia.

After fatigue, which was obtained by diving, you will quickly fall asleep and sleep will be strong.

The theme of hardening in water, worthy of a separate article for a detailed consideration of this issue, but it is worth noting the most important thing.

For more intense exercise suitable swimming in cold water. You will begin to move and swim faster, increasing the blood flow that helps to warm up. Along with this will accelerate and metabolic processes. But we should remember that this procedure needs a little preparation other than the common cold for you it’s not going to turn out. Start with basic dousing with cool water, starting with the feet, then after a while, gradually reduce the water temperature.

Swimming, as a way to Wake up.

Swimming forces the blood to run faster vessels, stimulating circulation, it helps to start the body work at full capacity and contributes to the revival. Breathing will become deeper, and the air that reached your lungs, will cause the cells of the lungs to fill with oxygen the entire body. So if you have the opportunity to swim after waking up, then by all means do it.

Swimming will give beauty and health! All must swim regularly.

Swimming lessons all year round has become possible due to availability in the summer you can swim in open water, and winter in the pool. If you decide right now to join the pool . please refer to the article on the portal ’s Pools in Kazan, where and for how much you can swim ” . in it you’ll find the answers to all the questions.

And next, consider the places and beaches where you can swim in the summer not far from Kazan.

Wild beach in the floodplain.

To reach it you must pass on Arakchino, route M-7, and you’ll find wild, nobody disturbed the sandy shore. In this place the ideal combination of silence, water, deserted and clean sand. Lying near the track will not prevent the rest. If you walk, then to a Paradise you can walk through the village.

«Tatarstan sea” – Kuibyshev water reservoir (Laish).

This is the place where Kama flows into the Volga, spilling water is so wide that the opposite shore is not visible. When you are in Laishevo, really creates a feeling of a seaside vacation. This place is very attractive with clean water. There is everything for comfortable – sandy and rock beach, high beach for diving and quiet for a good rest.

The beach at hog-i.e. rivers.

Probably the most comfortable area to relax, you’ll be on a paid site. Here you will find clean sand, well maintained Bank of the Volga, boats and jet skis for rent. Lovely comfortable place for those who prefer to relax in nature with the comfort of a large company.

The Emerald Lake (Quarry).

Is this “miracle” of nature on the territory of Yudino. A former sand quarry, the bottom of which beat groundwater, with each year becoming more popular. Clean sand, flat beach and clear water previously collected here only the locals, but then about this place learned everything. Today the Quarry is going to a lot of vacationers. Relax and swim here, but only if you do not mind the noise.

Deep Lake.

Deep lake is a cleaner alternative to Swan lake. The lake is surrounded by pine forest, the presence of the sandy strip which leads to the fact that the weekend is here simply overcrowded. The Deep clean will be pleased, except that the lake, and therefore, it quickly begins to bloom. If you come to Deep in the morning, you will have time to enjoy the peace, the warm sun and calm waters.

Within walking distance from the centre of the city is the Kazan beach – «locomotive» . This close place for swimming for many years popular with citizens of Kazan. Convenient location and the presence of sand make «locomotive” a great place for a stroll after work. This is one of the few opportunities to swim in the city, but we do not recommend you to do this.

The sandy strip near the Millennium is a favorite place for those who prefer to take in the city sun. There are also extreme sports enthusiasts, who, in spite of all prohibitions, manage to swim in the waters of the Kazanka river. Yes, on this beach you can lie on the sand, but no more.

The beach near amusement Park “the Park” . also suitable for rest solely on the shore. But there is an advantage, you can rent a catamaran or a boat, so krasiv your leisure.

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